[REVIEW] This New Variant Shower Scrub and Body Scrub From Scarlett Whitening Make Me Obsessed

If you're an aromatic scent lover like me, congratulations! You have arrived on the right page. Recently I’ve been introduced to the new...

If you're an aromatic scent lover like me, congratulations! You have arrived on the right page. Recently I’ve been introduced to the newest variant from Indonesia’s most hyped beauty brand, SCARLETT WHITENING. The newest scent is called Jolly, and I have to say this scent makes me intrigued to try it as soon as possible when I first receive the product (somehow it gives a certain positive vibe for me too, lol). For your information, I have tried almost all of the Scarlett Whitening body care series (you probably can check out my previous review about Scarlett Whitening’s body care series at the search button), but among all of them, this one caught my attention the most. Jolly, is the combination of 3 different scents : coffee, white flowers, and vanilla - that makes it defined as a Floriental Gourmand scent. How interesting is that? 

This time, I’m sharing my honest opinion about two of their body care products which are shower scrub and body scrub, both in Jolly series. So, let’s keep scrolling to get to know more about them and what’s the difference and specialty compared to other variants!


What it is:
It helps to maintain skin elasticity and moisture, brighten skin, maximizing during the shower. It contains:
  • Glutathione : to brighten and even skin tone, maintain skin moisture, and make skin smooth and soft.
  • Vitamin E : to maintain skin tightness and prevent skin damage.
  • Hydrolyzed Collagen: to maintain skin elasticity and moisture.
  • Gentle scrub particles to regenerate, moisturise, and brighten skin.

Scarlett Whitening’s shower scrub also comes in other variants: pomegranate (fresh, sweet scent), mango (fresh), cucumber (fresh), coffee (sweet, calming), charming (floral, ambery woody), freshy (citrus-floral fruity).

How to: 

Apply shower scrub onto the body evenly and rub gently, then rinse with water (lukewarm or cold water).


Sturdy see-through plastic bottle with flip top cap, securely sealed with plastic wrap.


Thick gel texture with super gentle scrub and pleasant coffee-floral-vanilla scent.


There are two ways to use this shower scrub. You can apply it onto your body right away or use a foaming net. For me personally, I like to use a foaming net because I like it foamy rather than just directly applying it on to my body. I really love this scent! It’s very rich yet calming, sensual at the same time (can you imagine that?). Although the scent doesn’t last longer than the coffee variant, its staying power is quite decent. It’s able to stay approximately 2-3 hours after a shower. It leaves a slightly greasy feeling after use, but it doesn’t bother me at all because the greasiness fades afterwards. It makes my skin clean and moisturised, fresh at the same time!


  • Safely secured with plastic wrap
  • Pleasant aromatic scent
  • Cleanses well
  • Moisturizes skin
  • Skin feels fresh
Cons: The scent doesn’t last for long time

Rate : 4 out of 5
Price : IDR 75.000 (around $5) / 400g


What it is:
This body scrub claims to help exfoliate dead skin cells, helps to brighten and even skin tone, maintain skin moisture, and helps to make skin soft and smooth. It contains:
  • Glutathione : to brighten and even skin tone, maintain skin moisture, and make skin smooth and soft.
  • Vitamin E : to reduce mild skin irritation, maintain skin tightness, elasticity, and moisture, plus keep it away from side effects of UV rays.

Standard plastic jar sealed with plastic wrap dominated with orange-pink design, while the product is securely sealed with foil. I would say it’s quite difficult to open the foil seal, lol.

Super dense creamy texture scrub with strong aromatic Floriental Gourmand scent (similar with the shower scrub but stronger).

I like to use this body scrub before washing, when the skin is still dry. Despite its dense texture, the body scrub can exfoliate dead skin well without hurting my skin. Just like the shower scrub, I love the scent of the body scrub as well! My skin feels super clean and smooth after using this body scrub. Although it claims it can brighten the skin, I don’t really see the obvious result yet but one thing for sure it makes my skin feel refreshed. Does it leave a greasy feeling? The answer is slightly yes. I just need to rinse it with plenty of water. However, I like how the scent stays for quite a long time after use (around 3-4 hours perhaps) and it gives a relaxing sensation too. Fyi, I use the body scrub 2 times a week (too much exfoliation is not good for skin).


  • The product is securely sealed
  • Pleasant Floriental Gourmand scent
  • Gentle scrub particles to exfoliate dead skin cells
  • Makes skin super smooth and clean
  • The scent stays for quite long time
Cons: None

Rate : 5 out of 5

Price : IDR 75.000 (around $5) / 400g

So, what is the reason why this new variant makes me obsessed?

Obviously because of the pleasant scent and the staying power! Its rich, sensual scent makes me want to use them every time I shower. I would say it’s my favourite scent from Scarlett Whitening so far and I hope they will innovate with a more aromatic scent like this (most likely I might skip using another brand). By the way, Jolly also comes in other body care series which are Body Serum, Body Lotion, and Body Cream. Should I give them a try and review them too? Kindly let me know in the comment section!

For your information, Scarlett Whitening products have been registered by BPOM and are safe for pregnant moms as well. You can also check the authenticity of the product by clicking this link and put the code under the barcode. Make sure to buy the original products!

Overall rating : 4.5 out of 5

Scarlett Whitening Official Website : www.scarlettwhitening.com

Scarlett Whitening Official Instagram : @scarlett_whitening

Where to purchase : https://linktr.ee/scarlett_whitening

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  1. These Scarlett shower scrub variants all sound excellent and like a delight to use!
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  2. This is the first time I've heard the term "Floriental Gourmand"! Do you know what the scrubbing beads are made of on the first one?



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