[REVIEW] Body Care Routine With Scarlett Whitening For Dry Skin

Social media really does a great job teasing me to try products, what about you? Since a year ago, I've noticed a lot of influencers try...

Social media really does a great job teasing me to try products, what about you?

Since a year ago, I've noticed a lot of influencers trying Scarlett Whitening's coffee series and all of them love it so much! I am curious to try this series immediately because I am a fan of coffee scent - and finally the time has come! Recently I changed my body care routine with Scarlett's coffee series (shower gel and body scrub), plus I restock the body lotion to complete my routine.

Fyi, coffee is really good as an exfoliator and anti-inflammation, that’s why I am curious about what these products can do to my dry skin. Are they worth trying despite their affordable prices? Let’s get to know further details about them!


What it is:

Contains Glutathione (Mother of Antioxidants), Vitamin E, collagen, and gentle scrub particles to help regenerate, moisturize, and brighten skin.


Light yet sturdy, clear plastic bottle with flip top cap, securely sealed with plastic wrap.


Thick gel texture with colorful scrub particles and strong coffee scent.


I pour a sufficient amount of the gel on the foaming net with a small drip of water. It foams quite a lot and cleanses the body well. Although it has a slightly greasy feeling after rinsing, it’s slowly gone by the time and I am pretty okay with that. Oh, I also like the coffee scent, it makes me feel calm and the scent stays longer than the other variants, around 3-4 hours after use. The instant result after using this shower scrub, definitely my skin feels smooth and clean. By the way, I like to use it for my evening shower as it gives a relaxing sensation.


  • Securely sealed
  • Cleanse well
  • Makes skin feels smooth
  • Relaxing coffee scent
Cons: None

Rate: 4.5 out of 5
Price: IDR 75.000 (around $5) / 400g


What it is:

Completed with gentle scrub particles, this body scrub helps to exfoliate dead skin cells without any risk. It claims that using it 1-2 times a week can help to maximize skin regeneration because it contains Glutathione (Mother of Antioxidant), Vitamin E, and gentle scrub particles to moisturize and brighten up skin.


The product is securely sealed with foil, inside the round plastic jar.


Light brown, dense yet gentle scrub particles with a strong coffee scent.


I use the body scrub when my skin is dry, for maximum exfoliation. After applying the scrub, I leave it for a few minutes then rinse it. My skin feels so smooth and brighter somehow. The scrub is so mild despite its dense texture and the scent stays for quite a long time, perhaps around 3 hours or so? Just like the shower scrub, the coffee scent gives me a relaxing sensation.

  • Securely sealed.
  • Relaxing coffee scent.
  • Gentle scrub particles.
  • Makes skin smoother and brighter.
  • The scent stays for a long time.
  • Need to rinse a few times until the greasy feeling is completely gone.
Rate: 4 out of 5
Price: IDR 75.000 (around $5) / 400g


What it is:

Body lotion to nourish, moisturize, and brighten up skin. Completed with Glutathione and vitamin E to maintain skin’s condition.


Light, sturdy plastic pump bottle, securely sealed with plastic lock on the neck of the pump. The new product is sealed with plastic wrap as well.


Creamy, thick texture with rich floral perfume scent.


Although it has a creamy, thick texture, it absorbs into skin quite fast and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling. The scent stays for around 5 hours so I don’t need to re-apply many times. The moisture is quite okay although it doesn’t fully hydrate my skin. For me, scent is the main reason why I like this body lotion. As a brightening lotion, it doesn’t really brighten up but it makes my skin less dull (which is ok to me).

  • Safely sealed with double lock.
  • Rich floral perfume scent.
  • The scent stays for around 5 hours.
  • Absorbs well, doesn't leave any greasy feeling.
  • Makes skin less dull.
Cons: None

Rate: 4.75 out of 5
Price: IDR 75.000 (around $5) / 300ml

Do they work well for my dry skin?

Yes. This combo (shower gel, scrub, and lotion) doesn’t harm my dry skin at all, especially the body scrub. The scrub particles are super mild for my skin, even makes my skin smoother. I have to admit that they don’t really brighten up my skin, but as body care to maintain my skin’s health I would give them 4.5 out of 5, so you definitely need to try them!

Fyi, all Scarlett body care products are free from mercury and hydroquinone, registered by BPOM, and safe for pregnant moms. You can also check the authenticity of the product by opening this link : https://verify.scarlettwhitening.com/ then you can fill the form and put the code under the barcode to check the serial code.

Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5
Official Instagram: @scarlett_whitening
Official Website: www.scarlettwhitening.com

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  1. The coffee body scrub sounds good

  2. I love the sound of the coffee body scrub. And the idea it helps dry skin. What a great routine and all these products sound excellent to try out.

  3. this sounds great! would like to try the scrub

  4. This looks and sounds like an excellent line. I would love to be able to fade a few dark spots...

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