[REVIEW] Himalaya Purifying Neem Mask & Purifying Face Wash - Remedies For Acne Skin

Are you maskne fighter? Or at least you have oily – acne prone skin? If you said yes, then you’re in the right page now. Frankly my skin is ...

Are you maskne fighter? Or at least you have oily – acne prone skin?

If you said yes, then you’re in the right page now. Frankly my skin is non acne-prone skin but since the pandemic, I’ve been struggling with maskne (acne caused from wearing mask too often) and it often appears around mouth area. I tried acne gel and acne skincare treatment but they only last for a while.

OK I’ll be honest with you. I like sweets so much and I always have room for dessert whenever I have lunch or dinner and I am quite sure that is also one factor that causes acne developing. Getting stressed? Almost. Thankfully, a few weeks ago I was introduced to Purifying Neem Mask and Purifying Neem Face Wash from HIMALAYAI believe most of you already knew this well-known Indian brand for its natural-based ingredients since 1930, that’s why when I figured out the main ingredient of these products, I am curious to try these products and see how they work for my skin. Let’s get to know them now, shall we?

What it is:
Himalaya Neem series contains natural ingredients such as Neem leaf and turmeric which are known very good to treat acne skin. Neem is really good as anti-inflammatory (to soothe irritation and reduce inflammation), astringent properties (reduce pore size and sebum), keeps skin moisturized, and of course acne fighter to prevent formation of bacteria that causes acne thanks to its antibacterial properties.


What it is:
A gentle, daily face wash for all skin types and acne-prone skin. Neem as the main ingredient cleanses skin and helps to fight acne. Turmeric supports clear, healthy-looking skin and leaves a refreshed feeling.

How to use:
Take out a sufficient amount of the gel and apply it onto face in circular motion. Rinse with lukewarm water. Wear it twice a day (morning and evening).

Lightweight, simple clear tube plastic packaging comes without any seal. All the instructions and ingredients are written in Bahasa Indonesia. Flip top tube with precise hole size to take out the product easily. Period after opening (PAO) is 6 months which means this product lasts for 6 months after we open the product.

Green gel texture with soft yet unique scent. It smells like leaves, fresh but somehow awkward at the same time.

I really like the gel texture, it’s super light and it’s not very foamy. It doesn’t harm my eyes and feels super soft on my skin although I am not a fan of the scent, honestly. However, it truly gives a fresh sensation and my skin feels super clean and soft after use. I use it daily and it doesn’t make my skin dry (fyi, I have dry-combination skin). It calms down my acne after a few days of usage!

  • Light gel texture with little foam
  • Doesn't harm eyes
  • Feels super soft, clean, fresh sensation to skin
  • Doesn't make my skin dry
  • Calms down acne after few days

  • I am not a fan of the scent (well, this is subjective)

Rate: 4.75 out of 5

Price: IDR 40.000 (around $2.78) / 100mL


What it is:
This purifying neem mask helps to regulate sebum production by doing deep cleansing for clogged pores with its clay texture.

How to use:
Use it once or twice a week after cleansing in the evening. Apply the product onto the face and neck, avoid eyes and mouth area, then wait until 10-15 minutes. After that, rinse it with wet sponge and/or cold water. Do not apply onto sore, inflamed skin.

Similar to Neem Face Wash, the difference is this Neem Face Mask has white tube plastic packaging. Comes with flip top tube with decent hole size to take out the product. Period after open (PAO) is 6 months.

Dark, creamy, scrub texture with soft-pleasant scent.

I never tried any clay mask before so at first I was quite skeptical because of the dark texture. I use it once a week after cleansing with the Neem Face Wash. After applying onto my face, the creamy texture slowly turns into clay texture and it gets tighter and dry. I was quite worry because I barely can stretch my face and there’s a tingling feeling. However, after rinsing it with cold water, my skin feels so clean, smooth, and hydrated. I can feel my face doesn’t get dry after using this, so it’s a win for me!


  • Soft, pleasant scent
  • Exfoliate skin well
  • Doesn't dry my skin
  • Makes skin hydrated


  • Tingling feeling

Rate: 4 out of 5

Price: IDR 40.000 (around $2.78) / 100mL

I am truly impressed by how these two products work pretty well to my skin! This picture is taken in the morning after I woke up. My skin looks brighter, fresh, and glowing than before, isn’t it? I feel so confident with my current skin now. The acne seems to be disappeared and my skin feels healthier now. Although I have dry skin but these products seem to be friendly to my skin (but back again, each people 
has different skin condition). I am going to continue using these products for sure, especially the facial wash, it’s my favorite!

If you’re interested to try them, you can get them easily at Watsons, Alfamart, Indomaret, and Himalaya Official Store at Shopee and LazadaThey are available in 50 ml and 100 ml sizes starting from Rp24.800 only.

Have you tried Himalaya before?

Kindly let me know what is your favorite product, I would love to try 

Himalaya Indonesia Official Instagram: @himalayaherbalsindo

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