Fun Things To Do On The Weekend

  Weekend is precious to me and I am pretty sure most of the readers here feel that too. For me personally, it's time to rest and explor...


Weekend is precious to me and I am pretty sure most of the readers here feel that too. For me personally, it's time to rest and explore things that I love to do because most of my time on weekdays I only spend for working (I know, I need work life balance). Hence, one of my resolution this new year is to make the best of my weekend and try something new, fun, yet challenging. I have started some weekend activities while some are still on the lists. However, just in case you need some ideas on what to do on the weekend, here are my recommendations!

1. Do Pilates or Yoga

I used to dislike it because at the first time I did yoga, my whole body hurts so much until three days straight. Now as I get older, I need that type of workout to find peace of mind and soul. Actually I do pilates or yoga not just for the weekend but also on weekdays early in the morning. It really helps to make me feel calm and positive!

2. Find New Hobby

It's not easy to find a new hobby I understand, but you might need to try to explore it based on what you see or what you feel it's interesting to do. For me, I started to do some crafts. I like to create accessory such as headpieces, ear cuffs, necklace, headband, so on. Somehow it's very therapeutic for me. It doesn't have to cost so much, maybe you can also consider to do volunteer if you need more social activity?

3. Spend Outdoor Activity With Family

Spending time with beloved ones is always become my favorite, maybe because I live apart from my family that's why I try to make the best of it whenever I am with them. Go to mall or cafe are typical of boring weekend activity. Instead, we can try to build something at the backyard, perhaps? For example, due to the hype of FIFA World Cup, everyone around me loves to talk about and play soccer. If you have large backyard space, you can consider to build an inflatable soccer field. Doesn't it sound fun to play soccer in your house?

Inflatable Planet Entertainment for Bubble Soccer Game

Do you spot something missing here? Well, inflatable soccer field wouldn't be completed without the soccer ball. Instead of using regular soccer ball to play, what about bubble soccer? I am pretty sure all the guests will have fun!

PVC Bubble Soccer

I have no idea how inflatable toys can be so interesting and plenty of options at Inflatable Zone. You can find white bounce house, zorb ball, archery bunker tag, inflatable slide, etc. Since Chinese New Year is coming soon and it's on weekend too, maybe it's the perfect time to get new toys to play with the family! How do you think?

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  1. The pilates and yoga sound like excellent ideas for improving health,
    and finding a new hobby does sound very therapeutic.
    Those inflatables look fun to play in! I like your fun suggestions! :D

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  2. These all sound like really fun suggestions! I hope you are having a great weekend so far <3
    the creation of beauty is art.



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