I’ve been eyeing this local brand, SCARLETT WHITENING , since few months ago because almost all of their products become viral in social med...

I’ve been eyeing this local brand, SCARLETT WHITENING, since few months ago because almost all of their products become viral in social media, even some of my friends are also big fan of their products. Frankly, I was quite skeptical when I first saw the products because bright, colorful beauty products are not my cup of tea. Anyway, ever since I tried their serum and truly impressed on how it works on my skin – I become more desperate to try their other products. Finally, after wishing upon a star for several nights (lol), I got myself an early Christmas present which is a box full of Scarlett Whitening body care set! Let’s skip more introduction because I believe you’re going to get sick of it if I keep continuing it, so let’s just head to the review!

What it is :

Scarlett Whitening body care consists of body scrub, shower scrub, and body lotion which contains Glutathione and vitamin E to brighten, moisturize, and nourish skin. All of their products has been registered by BPOM and not tested to animal.

For body scrub there are 2 variants : Pomegrante (purple) , Romansa (pink).

For shower scrub there are 3 variants : Mango (yellow), Pomegrante (purple), and Cucumber (blue).

For body lotion there are 4 variants : Romansa (pink), Fantasia (green), Charming (purple), Freshy (yellow).



Apply scrub to the entire skin, leave it for about 2-3 minutes then rinse with water.


Light, simple round plastic jar that is securely sealed with foil. It contains quite full of product.


White creamy, dense scrub with lot of scrub particles and sweet, mild floral scent that reminds me of floral scent from spa.


I use this scrub while my skin is still dry because I believe that way it could exfoliate dead skin cells completely. It has dense texture and the scrub particles work pretty well, soft enough to my skin so I don’t need to rub it too hard. When I rinse it off with water I can feel my skin becomes so clean and smooth. A little greasy, yes – but it only lasts for few seconds. The good thing is, the fragrance stays for a quite long time, maybe around 3-4 hours after shower. Because its benefit is to exfoliate, so I use this product once or twice a week.


-Light, securely sealed packaging.

-Sweet, mild floral scent.

-Cleanse skin well, lifts up dead skin cells.

-Smoothen skin.


-Dense texture

-A little bit greasy at first few seconds, so it needs to be rinsed few times.

Rate : 4 out of 5

Price : IDR 75.000 (around $5.30)



In a wet skin, apply the shower scrub soap onto entire body then rinse with water.


Light yet sturdy, see-through plastic bottle with flip-top cap. Each variant has different color so we can easily distinguish which is which.


Gel form with colorful small scrub particles with fresh yet strong fruity scent.


Although it said that it can be used directly, I like to pour this shower gel to the foaming net. It has much, like literally much of foam when I apply it onto my body. I really like both scent. Pomegrante, the purple color one (I don’t know if it’s misspelled or not), has sweet, playful scent which slightly similar to fruity candy flavor which I super like! While for mango scent (yellow), has tropical scent which is very summer that makes me feel so fresh. It doesn’t leave any stickiness to my skin at all. For the first few seconds after rinsing, it gives slight greasy feeling but then it slowly gone and my skin feels super soft and clean. For the fragrance smell, it only lasts an hour or two after shower, well I guess it’s fair enough. Such a happy moment to play with the foam, anyway!


-Fresh, fruity scent.

-Much foam.

-Doesn’t leave sticky feeling.

-Cleanse, soften skin.


Rate : 4.5 out of 5

Price : IDR 75.000 (around $5.30)



Apply sufficient amount of the lotion onto body.


Light yet sturdy plastic pump bottle, securely sealed with the attachable lock so we can put and remove it anytime.


Creamy, thick texture with super pleasant perfume scent.


I am all for this lotion because of the fragrance scent that reminds me of some well-known perfume brands. Charming variant (purple) scent is quite similar with Baccarat Rouge 540 Eau De Perfume (my favorite one) while Freshy (yellow) reminds me of Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia Eau De Cologne. For Romansa (pink), I can’t really tell which brand is similar to this but just like the body scrub, it has mild floral scent that we usually find only at spa. As I mentioned before, this lotion has creamy, thick texture but once I blend it and leave it for a while on my skin, it doesn’t leave any stickiness. The most impressive thing is that the scent is very durable. It stays for more than 5 hours without re-applying again. One thing that may be can be improved is only the bottle packaging, because when I tried to open the seal lock of Romansa bottle, suddenly the bottle cap is broken. It might be my fault forcing to open it but well, it’s not a big deal anyway, I still can use it!


-Safely sealed with seal lock.

-Rich, pleasant perfume scent.

-Durable, stays for more than 5 hours.

-Doesn’t leave any stickiness.


-Tricky bottle cap.

Rate : 4.75 out of 5

Price : IDR 75.000 (around $5.30)

Skin condition after around 2 weeks usage

As you can see from the picture above, my skin used to be a little bit too dry and dull because staying indoor with aircon always on but after using this body care products daily for about 2 weeks, I can sense my skin feels softer, healthier, and brighten up. I understand that it might not a major difference, but I truly enjoy the good progress by using these products rather than a quick result that doesn’t last for long time.

So, if you’re aware and craving to try Scarlett Whitening’s body care too, I highly recommend you to try their VALUE PACKAGE which costs only IDR 300.000 for 5 products (including exclusive box and free gift)! You can easily contact them from their social media platform or also from SHOPEE. Now I can understand, why is this brand always viral in social media, they really have good products indeed!

Overall rate : 4.5 out of 5

Whatsapp : +6287700163000

LINE : @scarlett_whitening

Instagram : @scarlett_whitening

Shopee : @scarlett_whitening

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