Christmas Wonderland Singapore : Is It Worth To Visit?

Christmas is definitely my most favorite time of the year - and this time I am glad that I managed to spend it in Singapore. My sister convi...

Christmas is definitely my most favorite time of the year - and this time I am glad that I managed to spend it in Singapore. My sister convinced me to visit the annual event in Gardens by the Bay, Christmas Wonderland. We booked the ticket via official ticketing site, KKDAY, with approximately $10 / person. As a person who's really into Christmas, of course I am super excited to visit this event, but is it actually worth to visit? Keep reading to find out more!

1. Opening Hours

They have 4 sessions a day, from 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm. They have several entrance gates which honestly, quite confusing for me at first. However, the direction is quite clear to find which gate is nearest so I have no problem in the end. By the way, visitors can only purchase the ticket online, so make sure to purchase it before you come to this event! I bought the ticket for session 2 ( 7.30 pm ), but actually you can enter the event before the due time. At that time, I entered around 6 pm. I guess they categorize per session to avoid the huge crowd.

2. Light Display & Carnival Games


Whimsical Windmill

Double-Storey Carousel

Gingerbread House

Carnival Games (I got Yoda!)

Garden Rhapsody Light & Sound Show Supertree Observatory

Christmas won't be completed without lights. There are plenty of light display such as Spalliera, Gingerbread House, Whimsical Windmill, Garden Rhapsody Light & Sound Show Supertree Observatory,  Carousel, etc. Frankly, the light display is somehow similar to BNS (Batu Night Spectacular) in Batu, Malang, Indonesia (lol, pardon me Singapore), but here is nicer of course, I shouldn't compare them but well...

In every light displays such as Whimsical Windmill for example, we need to queue and the queue is super long. Plus, if you wanted to take picture with Santa Claus, be ready to queue for more than 30 minutes just to take a single picture with Mr. Santa. I managed to take picture at Gingerbread House anyway, and the result is not bad!

There are some carnival games you can try and most of them cost at least $10 per games. Not sure if it's worth to try or not because it's truly hard to win the game, but lucky, although I lost each games I played, at least I got rewarded a Yoda doll, thanks to the local tour guide!

Additionally, there are plenty of food and beverage outlets and live music performance. Most of the food stalls, obviously, super crowded. However, I truly enjoy the live music performance while singing along. They not only sing Christmas carols but also some popular songs of all time, How Deep Is Your Love by Bee Gees for example, my favorite!

3. The Highlights

I would say, the highlight of the event is definitely The Garden Rhapsody Light & Sound Show Supertree Observatory which played every hour as I remember. It's mesmerizing to see the rhythm of light show followed with the Christmas songs. While for the Walk of Lights which can be found on the way out, it's quite nice and I think would be nicer if the queue is not that long. I didn't manage to take the picture inside the Walk of Lights because it's just too crowded there (just a selfie actually but it didn't show the beauty of the lights at all).

Overall, it's a memorable experience to visit Christmas Wonderland in Singapore. I am not sure if I would visit this event again next year because, well, of course : the overwhelming crowd. However, if you never visited this kind of event in Singapore, you can give it a try.

Anyway, you can watch the IG Reels about this event here.


When: 2 December 2022 - 1 January 2023

Location: Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

By the way, Merry Christmas everyone!

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  1. I love the pretty red dress you were wearing in the top (first) photograph in front of the Christmas-lighted Whimsical Windmill in the field of candy canes! You look beautiful wearing it!
    The Garden Rhapsody Light + Sound Show Super Observatory sounds like a delight to experience! The event sounds wonderful, and your photographs of it are fabulous!

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