A Disney Christmas at Hongkong Disneyland

Disneyland is definitely (almost) everyone's happiest place on earth while Christmas is one of the most favorite time of the year -...

Disneyland is definitely (almost) everyone's happiest place on earth while Christmas is one of the most favorite time of the year - so now you can imagine what if you can get both at the same time. Yes! That's the most thrilling and probably one of my happiest moment when I visited Disneyland Hongkong last week so I can't help myself but to share with you immediately. Let's start the experience from here !

How to get there :
Using MTR, head to Tung Chung line ( orange line ), then change train at Sunny Bay ( Disneyland Resort Line ). Welcome to Disneyland !

Train from Sunny Bay to Disneyland Resort Line is super cute, all designed with Disney elements, from Mickey head windows, cozy sofa, and Disney figures around. The trip takes around 10 minutes and once I stepped out from the train, I can sense Disney vibe along the way and Disneyland front gate is just right after the MTR station exit. I arrived in Disneyland around 10 am which is too early since it opens at 10.30 am. But lucky thing is - one of the most favorite spot, Hongkong Disneyland front gate; is less crowded so I can get lot of proper pictures there. Plus, right before time strikes to 10.30 am, I got to see Mickey and Minnie came by the shuttle car and welcomed us warmly ( we screamed out happily, obviously ).

Before entering the park, I exchange the ticket voucher that I bought from Klook at the ticketing area where located just right before the main entrance - and it's super easy with no queue ! Just show the voucher and they will give you the ultra cute Disneyland ticket.

Disneyland Hongkong has 7 themed areas : Main Street, Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Adventureland, Toy Story Land, Grizzly Gulch, and Mystic Point. You can also explore the park map, check your favorite character location, the attraction schedule and queue via Disneyland Mobile app (available for iOS and Android) for more efficient and easier way.

Since it's Christmas season, the park is fully decorated with Christmas elements and I am out of word besides saying it was AMAZING. I got to take picture together with favorite Disney characters dressed in festive outfits, trying the iconic - yummy Disney waffle, ride Iron Man Experience and the newest attraction : Antman and The Wasp Nano Battle with no queue, watching Disney parades and incredible musical show in Mickey and The Wondrous Book (Fantasyland area) while singing along, watching Christmas tree ceremony and "first snow" with teary eyes - everything was so magical!

Frankly, at first I wasn't expect anything about Disneyland since I heard from some sources that Disneyland has only few thrilling rides for adults ( I always more into thrilling rides/attraction whenever I visit theme park ) while the rest is just for kids. But hey! It's never too late old when it comes to Disneyland. There are lot of things we can see and enjoy, the park is filled with happiness indeed ! Well, I grew up with Disney characters ( and I believe you are too ) and now I prove it by myself that Disneyland is fantastic and I'm out of words. Among all 7 areas, I would say Main Street and Fantasyland are my cup of tea. These areas got me thrilled everytime I stepped my feet into their attractions and made me feel so magical!

 Flights of Fantasy Parade

 Mickey and The Wondrous Book

So here are some tips if you plan to visit Hongkong Disneyland during Christmas time!
1. Come as early as possible, at least 9.30 am to watch Mickey & Minnie greet you at the entrance gate. ( they open at 10.30 am )
2. Bring your own empty water bottle. You can refill at drinking water station near toilet in each area.
3. If you're more into challenging attractions, you should go to Tomorrowland and Toy Story Land.
4. Try Mickey waffle, it's seriously good! ( and pricey HK$60 ). It comes with berries and honey, decent size of crisp waffle.
5. Don't miss these shows :
- Mickey and The Wondrous Book
Enjoy Disney characters musical live ( including Genie from Aladdin, Merida from Brave, Ariel, until Elsa from Frozen).  They use Chinese for the conversation, but there's English subtitle at the left-right side of the main stage.
Location: Fantasyland
Time: 12.30, 13.45, 16.30, 18.15 (HK time)

- Flights of Fantasy Parade
Parade of Disney characters.
Location: starts from Fantasyland to Main Street.
Time: 16.00 (HK time)

- Magical Frozen Snowfall
Feel the snow in Disneyland along with the Christmas carols. This part is very emotional. I suggest you to bring your loved one as if you watch the first snow together, so romantic!
Location: Main Street
Time: 18.15 (HK time)

- Disney Paint The Night Parade
One of the main show of Disneyland before the park closed. Watch the colorful light show from the Disney characters, very aesthetic!
Location: Main Street
Time: 20.00 (HK time)

- Goodnight Kiss From Santa Goofy
After Paint The Night Parade, don't leave the park so soon, because near the entrance gate, Disney's vocal group appears to entertain you with Frozen theme songs and Christmas carols,  along with good night kiss from Santa Goofy.
Location: Main Street
Time: not long after Paint The Night Parade

 Paint The Night Parade

 Good Night Kiss From Santa Goofy

Although I missed the castle firework show due to renovation, I managed to watch and enjoy almost all of the attractions at the park and once again, everything is so magical especially during Christmas season. I can't wait to visit another Disneyland in other occasion and share with you all.
Blazer: Max Fashion // High Neck Top: Uniqlo // Skirt: Self-made

Happy holiday everyone!

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  1. Awww so breautiful photos I love it the outfit

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