Style Hack For Rectangular Body Shape

As a fashion stylist, I have to really know how to make people look good and attractive with the outfit they wear, according to their body s...

As a fashion stylist, I have to really know how to make people look good and attractive with the outfit they wear, according to their body shapes. It may sounds easy to hear, but trust me, it's challenging. Why? Because you really have to know their mood and tastes yet explore more ideas on how to make them look confident and comfortable as well. In my case, as a person who have pear body shape, it's quite easy to me to look good in dresses, mini skirt, fit and flare jeans. However, in this industry, one body shape that I often work with is rectangular body shape. Challenging? Yes. But as time goes by, I have some style hacks that probably works for those who have rectangular body shape who want to look appealing and feminine in their shapes.

Note : Rectangular body shape is characterized by equal bust, waist, and bust size (lack of curves).

1. Add shapewear to your daily staple

The easiest and quickest way to balance the rectangular is a shapewear. First things first, you can wear wide gusset panties because it is able to lift up your butt and creates the sculpted look. It also comes in high-waisted form so it will enhance your waist line.

Core Control Cheeky Wide Crotch Panties

2. Choose Round Neckline Style

Low, wide neckline that shows-off your collarbone is definitely for the rectangular body shape. Always remember that it has to be round of V-neckline but not square neckline because it will accentuate your rectangle shape. You may opt for short sleeve thong bodysuit for a fitted, lean look.

Scoop Neck Thong Bodysuit

3. Wear Built-In Dress 

Since boxy dress is totally a NO for rectangular body shape, here's a recommendation for you to try immediately. I found a dress with built in shapewear which comes with build in bra (to lift up your bust) and shaping bodysuit underneath. You can also layer it with cropped blazer or jacket if it looks too revealing. Definitely a perfect dress to create your dream figure!

Soft Modal Loungewear 8 in 1 Built-In Shapewear Maxi Dress

Do you find these tricks helpful? Kindly let me know what is your body shape and your struggle on finding the right clothes for you, if any :)

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3 Comment

  1. I LOVE your fashion suggestion of wearing high-waisted wide gusset panties!!!!!!
    Not only do they help lift the butt, create a sculpted look, and enhance one's waistline, for me they are the most attractive style of panties there are to look at!
    I also love the round necline and the dress with built-in shapewear.
    Fabulous fashion finds!

    'My panty review blog: Full Brief Panties
    My YouTube: misterpantybuns's Channel full brief panty review videos
    My Twitter: @Panty_Buns

  2. Such a good tip! I didn't even know that rectangular was a body shape :D How do you find out your shape?

    Lots of love,
    Krissi of the marquise diamond

  3. I have invested in really good shapewear and now I am a believer, lol.



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