[EVENT + REVIEW] Reasons Why You Should Try VANAV, Top Korean Beauty Device Brand

As a beauty blogger, I’m lucky enough to explore top beauty brands either local or international and try them to prove they are worth trying...

As a beauty blogger, I’m lucky enough to explore top beauty brands either local or international and try them to prove they are worth trying or not. I know, there’s a consequence of trialling so many products that cause upsetting my skin. To some extent, I stick to some beauty products that never fail me, plus I recently added VANAV to my beauty routine to maintain healthy skin with professional-like treatment at home.

Fyi, VANAV is one of the top beauty device brand from Korea, mainly popular for its facial skincare and kits - even Son Ye Jin and Moon Ga Young are spotted using this brand too! Some of us may be familiar with UP6 and TIME MACHINE, but did you know they actually have many devices to try? Let’s get to know more about them and why you should own at least one!

  • UP6 (6 in 1 Total Skincare Solution)

Comes with 6 modes of Galvanic ion and 3D vibration, UP6 makes skincare routine works best with Clean Up Mode, Eye Zone Mode, Moisture Mode, Lifting Mode, Mask Mode, and Vitamin C Mode.

  • TIME MACHINE (Triple Galvanic Ion Massager)

Beauty device with 3 kinds of skincare system : Triple Galvanic Ion, Titanium Gua Sha Head, and Micro Vibration to help you get youthful-looking skin. It comes in white and pink colors, both are so adorable!

  • BUBBLE POP CLEANSER (Auto Bubble Cleansing Device)

Auto bubble system that creates abundant micro foam automatically and reduces skin irritation caused by the brush in cleansing. You can choose either normal mode or deep cleansing mode, based on your preference.

  • RAY (Mini Galvanic Ion Massager)

Ultra mini beauty device with sophisticated design, galvanic ion, micro vibration, and titanium head. It’s easy to use and very compact! This is the first time I tried VANAV’s product and here’s my quick review:

Packaging : Super lightweight (20g only), comes with a simple black velvet pouch that can be carried everywhere. Yes, it’s travel-friendly! Plus, it only needs one AAA battery to turn it on.

Review : I use it everyday especially at night before sleep and I really love the sensation of using this device! The Galvanic Ion helps to nourish skincare and the micro vibration helps my skin feel more relaxed. By the way, you can also adjust the vibration tension too! When you tap on the middle of the Titanium head, the tension goes higher, but if you tap on the back part of it, the tension goes lighter. Yup, it's an AUTO RUN device with no on-off switch (automatically on when the Titanium head touches the skin). I can’t find any downside of this device actually, but based on my face width, it would be a plus point if the size of this device goes slightly bigger.

  • HOT & COOL SKINFIT (4 Steps Heating & Cooling Massager)

Beauty device with 4 modes (Heating Mode, Booster Mode, Cooling Mode, and Tightening Mode) to make skin smoother and more elastic. You can easily choose the temperature heat, with micro vibration and titanium heat. This product is highly recommended for swollen eyes, outdoor activities, bruises, relieving muscle pain, etc.

As you know, most of our skincare can’t penetrate into the deepest layers, so this beauty device is definitely the perfect one to help skincare penetrate well into skin. Moreover, it’s a valuable investment for your skin because you don’t need to go to the beauty clinic to maintain your skin's health, saving cost indeed!

I used to think it’s hard to get this Korean beauty device, but I was completely wrong! Few weeks ago, I visited Female Daily Studio in the newest mall in town, Trans Icon Mall Surabaya and I can find all VANAV products there, super excited!

Special thanks to Jakarta Beauty Blogger for this chance!

VANAV Indonesia Official Website : www.vanav.co.id
VANAV Indonesia Official Instagram : @vanavindonesia

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  1. Never heard of these brands but thanks for sharing! Will check them out.

  2. All of the VANAV skincare devices you featured above and all of the VANAV skincare devices that I just window-shopped on the vanav Indonesia website look excellent for helping to achieve skincare beauty!
    Speaking of beauty, the outfit you were wearing in the first and last photographs looks extremely pretty, fashionable, and wonderfully feminine. You look stunningly gorgeous wearing it, and your skin looks very beautiful.

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  3. These devices sound cool! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Definitely a fan of Korean brands. There hasn't been one that I haven't liked. Lovely review!




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