[REVIEW] Avoskin Your Skin Bae Lactic Acid & Hyacross : Best Exfoliating Serum For Dry Skin

If you're anything like me, you will know how stressing it is to find suitable exfoliating product for dry skin. Some products that I tr...

If you're anything like me, you will know how stressing it is to find suitable exfoliating product for dry skin. Some products that I tried mostly cause itchy or whiteheads and it’s really hard to deal with. Frankly I didn’t exfoliate my skin using toner or serum for quite so long since I got skin breakout last time (I only exfoliate with face scrub and that doesn’t work that much actually). That’s why when I found out AVOSKIN from Your Skin Bae series has Lactic Acid serum that is able to exfoliate the outer layer of skin and suitable for dry skin if you layer it with their Hyacross serum, I can’t help myself but curious to try them soon and I feel more confident after reading some reviews which said these serums work really well especially to treat their skin after acne.

Are these serums really work for my dry skin too? Based on the title you probably can guess it but what if we get to know them in details?

1. AVOSKIN Your Skin Bae : Lactic Acid 10% + Kiwi 5% + Niacinamide 2,5% High Dose Serum

What it is:
Anti aging serum that contains Lactic Acid, Niacinamide, and Kiwi Extract that is useful as anti-aging agent by exfoliating outer layer of skin.

  • Lactic Acid is AHA which works as chemical exfoliator.
  • Kiwi as antioxidant which helps to protect skin from free radicals, delay wrinkles, and stimulate collagen production.
  • Niacinamide helps to maintain skin moisture and brighten up skin.
How to use:
Apply few drops onto face every night before bed, massage skin gently.

Simply cute, one tone (lime green color) serum bottle made from sturdy glass bottle, securely sealed with hologram seal. I need to pinch the pipette several times to actually take out the serum.

Slightly thick, watery form and unscented.

Based on my previous experience, I was quite skeptical because this is an exfoliating serum, so I use this serum at night 3 times a week and I use it before Hyacross serum. I only need 2 drops for whole face and it quickly absorbs into my skin. At first my skin feels tingly, I guess it’s the effect of the acid. But then, after I applied Hyacross serum, that tingly feeling slowly disappears. The next morning, surprisingly, my skin feels supple and glowing with no appearance of whitehead! Then few days after using it I notice that my acne scars are getting faded and the redness around nose area are gone! I can tell it because my skin used to be in a quite bad condition before I use these serums, especially around mouth area, due to my full day activity in Bali that requires me to wear mask almost all day.


  • Modern, fancy. securely sealed bottle design

  • Quickly absorbs into skin

  • Reduce redness

  • Acne scars are faded

  • Skin feels supple and glowing


  • This serum might a little bit too strong for my skin if I didn’t layer it with Hyacross serum
Rate : 4 out of 5
Price : IDR 129.000 (around $8.9) / 30 mL

2. AVOSKIN Your Skin Bae : Ultimate Hyaluron Hyacross 3% + Green Tea

What it is:
Moisturizing serum that comes with a combination og Ultimate Hyaluron Hyacross 3% and green tea which helps to increase skin moisture and maintain skin health with high content of antioxidant from green tea. This serum is specialized for dry skin.
  • Hyacross helps to moisturize and hydrate skin 2-3 times more optimal than Hyaluronic Acid.
  • Green tea as anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial ingredient which is good to treat acne skin.
How to use:
Apply few drops onto face every morning and night before bed, massage gently.

Just like Lactic Acid serum, this serum has simple-one tone (soft blue color) made from sturdy glass bottle, securely sealed with hologram seal. Well, I need to put some effort to take out the serum but it’s not a big deal.

Slightly thick, watery, form and unscented.

I use this serum everyday and I admit, this serum is magical for my dry skin! I use this serum alone and to layer every time I use Lactic Acid serum, 2 drops for whole face will work. It calms down the tingly feeling after using Lactic Acid serum. The next morning, skin feels so hydrated and moisturized. It doesn’t leave sticky feeling despite of the thick texture. Definitely a win for dry skin (when I use it alone) and perfect match with Lactic Acid serum!

  • Modern, fancy, securely sealed bottle design

  • Quickly absorbs into skin

  • Hydrates skin very well

  • Works well as calming serum

  • Doesn’t leave sticky feeling

CONS : None

Rate: 5 out of 5 (highly recommended!)
Price: IDR 139.000 (around $9.6) / 30mL

From the picture above, you can see the major difference before and after using these AVOSKIN serums. I already use them for more than a week and my acnes started to fade, redness is reduced, and my skin feels brighter and glowing. I am surely recommend you to use these two serums if you want maximum result (Lactic Acid serum first, then followed by Hyacross serum). Please take note to use Lactic Acid serum 2-3 times a week if you’re not get used to the ingredients (because if not, it could cause trouble to your skin instead).

Have you tried any of this serum yet? 
Kindly let me know which exfoliating serum that you use recently :)

Overall rate: 4.5 out of 5

AVOSKIN Official Website : www.avoskinbeauty.com
AVOSKIN Official Instagram : @avoskinbeauty

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