[REVIEW] Avoskin Your Skin Bae - Ultimate Hyaluron Marine Collagen 5% + Hyacross 2% + Galactomyces

If you’re Indonesian and also skincare junkie, then AVOSKIN   might be familiar for you as they bring clean beauty concept. Same goes with m...

If you’re Indonesian and also skincare junkie, then AVOSKIN might be familiar for you as they bring clean beauty concept. Same goes with me, I knew this brand since around two years ago and since then I’ve been trying some of their products such as Perfect Hydrating Treatment Essence (PHTE), AHA BHA PHA sheet mask, and Retinol sheet mask. Although almost all of their products has received lots of love, it seems like they never stop to indulge us with their new variants. Recently Avoskin makes a comeback with a fun, playful, teens-friendly products which called YOUR SKIN BAE. It consists 5 serum and 3 toner variants that combine active and natural ingredients, plus it is also suitable for teenagers. This time I got a chance from Jakarta Beauty Blogger to try one of their toner and I I am sure that many of you are already captivated by it, well, you’re not the only one. So what about to get to know more about this product?

What it is :

Your Skin Bae – Ultimate Hyaluron Marine Collagen 5% + Hyacross 2% + Galactomyces toner contains powerful ingredients to hydrate and boost collagen. A gentle, nourishing toner that claims signs of sensitivity and evens out skin without greasy feeling after use. This product is cruelty free, free of fragrance, colorants, allergic sensitizers.

Benefits :

Boosts skin hydration, reduces scars, inflammation, fine lines and improve skin firmness, promotes healthier, supple skin, improve function of Lipid Barrier, and to increase skin texture.

How to use :

Soak a cotton pad and gently sweep across the face and neck, then follow up with serum. Use it daily on day and night.



Simple yet playful packaging which dominated with single pastel green color, see-through yet sturdy plastic bottle that comes with safely sealed paper box. The bottle hole might be a little bit too small so it takes quite effort to take out the product, but in other hand, the product would not drip too much.


Mild, watery texture and unscented.


I use this toner on day and night before bed and I can see the difference after using it daily. First of all, it absorbs into skin quickly and it gives such fresh, hydrating sensation without any greasy feeling. Just like what I’ve mentioned, it’s fragrance-free so it has no scent at all. I can feel my skin becomes less dull and well-moisturized. This toner is able to reduce redness and calm my acne. From the picture above, you can see I used to have an acne above my lips and after using this toner daily, the acne starts to dry. I also notice that my nose area used to be very dry and flaky these days (thanks to the bad weather) but now it becomes normal again!


  • Playful packaging
  • Mild, watery texture
  • Absorbs quickly with no greasy feeling
  • Fresh, hydrating sensation after use with no greasy feeling
  • Skin becomes less dull / slightly brighter
  • Reduces redness
  • Reduces flakiness


I am absolutely stolen by this toner! This Ultimate Hyaluron variant really works well for my dry skin and I suggest you to try it too. Not a dry skin? No worries, because this YSB series also provides another toner that might suit for your skin : Salicylic Acid 1% + Zinc + Tea Tree Water (for acne skin) and Niacinamide 7% + Alpha Arbutin 1% + Kale (for brightening). If you’re looking for a mild toner that safe for sensitive skin, go try this one as soon as possible!

Rate : 5 out of 5 (highly recommended!)
Price : IDR 149.000 (around $10.6) / 100mL

AVOSKIN Official Website : www.avoskinbeauty.com
AVOSKIN Official Instagram : @avoskinbeauty

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  1. I didn't know this brand but that toner sounds really good!
    Hope it gonna come here in Europe soon!

    1. Yes I also hope they will ship worldwide any soon!

  2. Sounds like great products !


  3. You have such beautiful skin! This looks like a wonderful product for cleaning and hydration!

  4. Seeing from close up photos, your skin looks more beautiful after regularly using this toner. Skin pores become tighter.

  5. Haven´t heard of this brand yet! Looks great tho! ❤

    Blog de la Licorne *

  6. Thank you very much =)
    I love my new kitchen gloves too, they're so cute <3 :D

    Great review.
    I don't know this brand but it sounds that it works very well =)
    Have a nice day

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  8. Beautiful and I like that "your skin bae". Made me smile!


  9. Wow,the products look so useful, I want to have a try.
    Thanks for your share.
    u part wigs

  10. I´ve never heard about this brand but this toner looks amazing! :)
    What A Fancy World

  11. I want to check out and see if that product is available where I am because based off your review it sounds like my idea product, I like think water and unscented products.

    love is zero

    1. Yes, it's pretty safe for everyone so I hope you can try it too :)

  12. Ooo this sounds really good. I have both of these problems so I could so use this. I am going to check them out for sure.

    Allie of

    1. I hope they can ship worldwide, thanks for visiting Allie!

  13. That product seems amazing and results on your skin are so visible. Thank you for sharing.

    New Post - https://www.exclusivebeautydiary.com/2021/02/perfumed-body-lotions.html

  14. Yes, it's Indonesian brand but it's really good! Hope they can ship worldwide soon.
    And, sure! Let's follow each other :)

  15. OMG cons-nya none dan rate nya perfect! Cocok untuk sensitive skin, bye bye full skin & makes skin smooth ugh menggiurkan sangat!!!

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  18. Avoskin masuk wishlist aku bgt😍



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