[REVIEW] Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment Razor : Shaving Made Easy

Let’s be honest, do you shave your body hair regularly? OK let me tell you the truth first: I rarely shave my body hair. It’s not because I ...

Let’s be honest, do you shave your body hair regularly?

OK let me tell you the truth first: I rarely shave my body hair.

It’s not because I don’t have much hair on my body. I know I should do it especially for underarm and legs because those are the most grown area, but I don’t like the feeling of shaving my own body hair. Sometimes the razor hurts my skin if I didn’t put shaving gel or shaving soap - that’s a total trouble and makes me even more lazy to shave them, lol!

Since my teenager, I always stick to one brand razor to shave until one day I found this brand called SCHICK being displayed in so many beauty stores in my city that makes me nothing but curious to try this razor because I never seen a razor that has shaving soap attached on the shaver cartridge. I am quite sure some of you might unfamiliar with this type of razor, so what if I introduce you to this razor in details?

What it is:

Schick Intuition is 4 blades razor for normal skin with unique skin conditioning solid (I call it shaving soap) that contains coconut milk and almond oil which are good to moisturize skin during shaving.

How to use:

Attach the cartridge to the razor, add water, then shave it gently.


One package contains one razor made from plastic and rubber with two cartridges and skin moisturizing solid (one is attached on the razor). The size of the razor is quite big and bulky, there is button on the side to release the cartridge. This razor comes with plastic cap to protect the blades.


Soft blades with soft almond scented skin moisturizing solid.


I never thought shaving could be this simple. Although I need to make the razor wet before I use it, I think it’s very practical to shave with this Schick razor. It is able to shave leg hair quickly without any itchy feeling and my skin feels super soft afterward. I barely feel the razor touches my skin either. One thing that makes me feel weird is when I cleanse the razor. I feel like my hair gets stuck inside the razor so I have to remove the cartridge first then clean it right away.


  • Fun, unique design with refillable cartridge and skin moisturizing soap
  • Travel friendly
  • Quickly shaves hair without shaving cream
  • Doesn’t irritate skin
  • Makes skin feels soft
  • Only requires one step to shave (no need to put shaving gel or cream)


  • The razor size might quite big to shave smaller area like armpit or facial hair

Overall, I think this razor is suitable for travelling or when you’re in a rush but you need to shave your body hair. The idea of skin moisturizing solid is very unique and it works to me, especially when it comes with a refill too! So if you’re keen try this unique razor, you can check out Schick Indonesia Official Store at many offline and online stores (Tokopedia, Blibli, Lazada, Buka Lapak, JD.id, Favo).

Special thanks to Jakarta Beauty Blogger for the chance :)

Rate : 4 out of 5

Price : IDR 87.300 / around $6 , IDR 135.800 / around $9.4 (3 refills)

SCHICK Indonesia's Official Instagram : @schickindonesia

Have you tried Schick razor before? Which razor do you recommend the most?

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    1. I am pretty sure it's available in your country too :)

  2. A great product, we need it very much in summer, it is not harmful to the skin, but also very clean, thank you for your recommendation.
    body wave wigs / headband wigs

    1. My pleasure to share this super nice product with you! <3

  3. Omg,this is what I need !! Makes life easier & I think I don't need to go to painful waxing anymore at saloon...

    1. You really have to try this one :)

  4. The razor looks good and model is unique. Thank you dear for your recommendation

    1. Yup, it can be used for both men and women :)
      Thank you for stopping by :)



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