Effortless Chinese New Year Outfit

Chinese New Year might feel different this year as most of us are going to stay at home and can't do any family gathering. As I remember...

Chinese New Year might feel different this year as most of us are going to stay at home and can't do any family gathering. As I remember, this would be the first time I spend Chinese New Year alone without my big family (yeah, I am really a family person). We used to gather in one house (usually the eldest's house) and had a little celebration during Chinese New Year. Feeling sad? Yes obviously, but other than that, safety is the most important now. That's why I try to adapt with the current condition and always see the bright side of everything to keep me sane.

As you know during Chinese New Year, Chinese people usually buy new clothes as the symbol of new beginning. Well, although I don't really believe in this kind of thing but since I like clothes, I don't mind to follow this tradition every year. However, this year I prefer to wear something that is effortless but still look chic - and my choice goes to these ESYE cheongsam dresses. The first dress which made from cotton knit feels so comfortable although its material is quite thick. It gives skinnier effect and the flower embroidery detail is very exquisite to me. Second dress, is a printed dress which made from chiffon fabric which is simple yet very chic that comes in soft color. Although I am not a fan of the short sleeve as it makes my arm looks slightly bigger, I like the shift form so much!

These two dresses are very versatile and suitable as pairing outfit with mom, sister, or even best friend! Special thanks to my blogger friend, Bella, who became my partner for this short photoshoot and shoutout to my lovely colleague plus little sister, Meidy, for taking these beautiful pictures!

Anyway, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to my beloved readers who celebrate it! May this year will give you abundant joy and prosperity - and above all : LOVE.

Cassia Knit Dress (Navy) // Iris Knit Dress (Blue)

Clove Cheongsam Dress (Green) // Clove Cheongsam Dress (Pink)

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  1. Hello
    Happy Chinese New Year girls !! You look beautiful in these traditional dresses, you look like beautiful dolls!


  2. Happy Chinese New Year! You and Bella both look gorgeous - I love the dresses - and your sister did an amazing job taking the photos!
    Julia x

    1. Thank you so much Julia, your comment made my day!

  3. I like your outfits, details are so special and beautiful.

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  4. Lovely look
    Happy Chinese New year for you <3


  5. These are such beautiful dresses on you and your friend!

    Hope you had a good weekend :) Ours was nice, celebrating Lunar New Year with the family. Hopefully you still got to celebrate even if it wasn't the way you usually do!

    Away From Blue

    1. Thank you so much Mica :)
      Hopefully I can celebrate it with my family by this week, finger crossed!

  6. Beautiful photos and soo cute dress!

    btw i started to follow your page. You know girls support girls. If you feel like doing the same for me it would make me super happy, but feel free to do whatever seems right. ♥

    xxAlexandra MS ALWAYS LATE

    1. Thank you Alexandra for following me! I'll definitely follow you back, now I am heading to your blog :)

  7. Ah yes everything is different this year. But WOW what beautiful photos and dresses! Love this! And hope are can celebrate anyway!

    Allie of

    1. Yes, it's different but it's unforgettable indeed, thank you for visiting Allie :)

  8. These outfits are so beautiful and your both look amazing.

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  9. The outfit was so awesome. Beautiful skin, beautiful dress, beautiful photos. Perfect ❤️

  10. All four of those dresses that you and your pretty blogger friend Bella were wearing look very pretty, and the photos that your little sister Meidy took of you are wonderful.
    The colours, prints, embroidery and ornamentation of these dresses from EYSE all look pretty - The navy, blue, green and pink dresses all look pretty.
    Happy Chinese New Year! xx <3

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