AQUA Reflections X SOCIOLLA - Stay Hydrated Inside Out

I am a true believer of beauty comes from the inside out, as well as hydration. We can’t just use skincare everyday to achieve that flawless...

I am a true believer of beauty comes from the inside out, as well as hydration. We can’t just use skincare everyday to achieve that flawless glass skin which everyone’s craving for. We still have to maintain it from the inside anyway, based on how we feed our skin. It is because: we are what we eat, right?

Since I started healthy lifestyle few years ago, I tend to drink water at least 2 liter per day and I can really feel the difference as the progress goes on. Drinking water really helps a lot to improve skin elasticity, prevent roughness and wrinkle. Yeah, I really take note on that seriously because I am also a dry skin survivor so I really have to maintain hydration level of my skin – and when it comes to mineral water brand, I always trust myself with AQUA because of its single source purity and good minerals which really good for body. That is why when they just released their collaboration with my favorite E-commerce brand, SOCIOLLA, I got super excited! AQUA Reflections x SOCIOLLA brings “Hydrate To Radiate” as their tagline to remind us all on how important it is to drink high quality water to maintain skin health from the inside. Fyi, AQUA Reflections is the premium edition of AQUA which contains high quality, balanced minerals sourced through protected ecosystem balance plus with super exclusive glass bottle design.

As you can see from the pictures below, based on the design, it has super cute yet elegant design with Sociolla’s characteristic : pink color with XOXO elements which inspired by “Batik Kawung” symbol which translated as “Pure Heart”. How genius is that?

AQUA Reflections x SOCIOLLA

Interested to try? I have a good news for you!

Once you purchase this limited edition AQUA Reflections x SOCIOLLA in Sociolla’s offline store (yes, it is only available offline at the moment), you can easily scan the QR code on the side of the bottle and directly you’ll receive e-voucher worth IDR 25.000 which valid until 31 December 2021, by logging in or signing up at SOCO ID. After you got the ‘hydration from the inside’ and claim the e-voucher, now it’s time to proceed it to the ‘hydration from the outside’ a.k.a skincare! When it comes to skincare recommendation, we all agree that Sociolla knows best for us. So here are some skincare products recommendation which Sociolla approves best to boost our skin hydration.


Makeup remover from one of my favorite Korean brand, ARIUL, to remove dirt and makeup without rinsing. It feels so light, soft, and doesn’t harm eye area at all. Its pH 5.6 helps to neutralize skin condition and micellar plus solution to protect skin and provide full moisture. Oh, it suits for any skin type though!

A paraben-free, MIT-free, phenoxyethanol-free, alcohol-free, BHT-free, EDTA-free body lotion for dry to very dry skin. It is formulated with Cupuacu butter extract to moisturize and and nourish skin until 24 hour. This Klorane body lotion has creamy texture indeed but it’s quickly absorbed into skin and not feeling greasy at all.


Gel-to-foam cleansing foam from Korean brand AHC which enriched with Hyaluronic Acid to cleanse and moisturize skin. It’s formulated with micro Hyaluronic Acid and Moringa Seed to lift dirt helps to revitalize skin condition. It has light gel texture and very calming scent which I adore so much! I've been replacing my facial foam to this ever since I received it and I can tell you that this facial foam gives extra moisture to my skin and soften it. My skin feels so fresh and well hydrated (and it stays until few hours ahead).

I've been craving for Sukin for so long and finally got to try it myself. Alcohol-free hydrating mist toner that combines rose water and chamomile to help soothe, purify, and cool tired skin. It can be used after cleansing, before and after makeup application or anytime your skin is feeling tired, stressed or overheated. It can be used on face and body, over and under lotions, creams, oils, gels, even makeup. I personally like to bring it for traveling to make my skin feels refreshed and hydrated.


I’ve been using this Mediheal ampoule mask since few years ago and I can really tell you that this is one of my top list sheet mask! N.M.F (Natural Moisturizing Factor), Sodium Hyaluronate, and Witch Hazel Water ingredients solves skin thirstiness, Allantoin and Trehalose enhance skin elasticity and give tightening effect. This mask sheet made from fine, silky fiber material which helps to tighten chin and jaw area. This product is able to tighten pores, control sebum level, and gives extra moisture to skin, even it can overcome allergy which caused by dry skin if we use it for long term period!


Let’s join Sociolla’s exciting giveaway competition by simply purchase AQUA Reflections x SOCIOLLA at Sociolla’s offline store and follow these super easy rules :

  • Drink and show-off your Aqua Reflections bottle while using AQUA x SOCIOLLA’s Instagram filter which you can find in Sociolla’s Instagram.
  • Follow @sociolla, @beautyjournal, and @aqua_reflections.
  • Save your post in IG Story Highlight with title “AQUAxSociolla” and don’t forget to comment “DONE” in Aqua Reflections giveaway post at @beautyjournal’s Instagram.
  • Get chance to win Hydration Box and other exciting gifts which you can find easily at @beautyjournal Instagram.
  • The competition lasts until February 2021.

So, are you ready to HYDRATE TO RADIATE ? It’s time to show-off your true flawless glass skin!

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  1. Oh wow, lots of pretty stuff. Drinking my green tea mint tea here!

    1. Yup! My current favorite items!
      Thank you for stopping by Ellie <3

  2. Thanks for the heads up on these products:) The design of that bottle is super cool:) And have been meaning to try Mediheal masks:)

    1. My pleasure :)
      Mediheal's sheet mask is a steal, love it so so much. You should try it too as soon as possible <3

  3. Very interesting products:) Have a nice day :)

  4. Haven´t heard about such water! :O Looks amazing! ❤

    Blog de la Licorne *

    1. Yes it's the most well-known mineral water in Indonesia :)
      It's amazing indeed, thanks!

  5. Ariul and Sukin, both are new brands for me
    Thanks for share your opinions about these products

    1. Ariul is a South Korean brand while Sukin is from Australia, both are worth to try! :)

  6. I have not heard about these cosmetics before ☺
    they interested me and I would like to try them, it's a pity that they are only available offline - in my country I will probably not get them

    1. Yes, wish they will import it to some countries too, including yours!

  7. missed your post right until today. Honestly, you truly present great articles, really it is informative. I will be returning here in the not too distant future. You need to keep your
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  8. And it is such a fun bottle design too!

  9. Such an interesting post and so many great products! I would love to try the hydrating mist toner!
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