Basic Dress That Makes You Look Skinny and Taller

Everyone wants to look skinnier and taller, thanks to society. I understand that we have to love our body no matter what, but it's not a...

Everyone wants to look skinnier and taller, thanks to society. I understand that we have to love our body no matter what, but it's not a bad thing to elevate it by wearing something that makes us confident and of course, comfortable. So recently I found a basic dress that makes me feel that way and surprisingly it's from a local brand called Better Than Yours. Its maxi dress has super light, stretchy cotton material with above-elbow sleeves to cover upper arms and side front slit to enhance my short legs. Although I am not a fan of the collar (I personally prefer round neckline), but overall this basic dress makes me look skinnier and taller although I only wear sneakers. It's a win-win!

Dress : Better Than Yours // Jacket : Vintage // Shoes : Nike // Cap : Better Than Yours

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  2. Oh yes I like the design of this bags too =)

    Really interesting post with great tips to look taller =)
    Thanks a lot. Xoxo

    1. Because PVC bag used to be very popular in 2020 right?
      Thank you for your sweet comment!

  3. Such beautiful photos!
    You look really pretty! Love your dress, that's a very versatile and flattering piece!

  4. I can get behind any article of clothing that makes me look skinny and taller. That's a great dress you have there!

    1. Yes! While actually I only 158cm tall, here I look like more than 160cm!
      Thanks for stopping by Theresa ;)

  5. You look so great. That's really good tips to look taller.

  6. I love this outfit!! You do look tall and very elegant in this.
    Have a wonderful weekend :)


    1. Thank you Natalia!
      You made my day :)


  7. Loevly look!
    Thx for share dear

  8. I really like slit dresses a lot! ❤ Love your styling with a denim jacket as well. It´s a must!

    Blog de la Licorne *

  9. I love this look - you look so stylish
    Julia x

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