8 Best Makeup Products of 2020

I may not wearing lot of makeup during 2020 as I mostly stay at home but that means once I wear makeup, I know well which are my picks. I am...

I may not wearing lot of makeup during 2020 as I mostly stay at home but that means once I wear makeup, I know well which are my picks. I am not saying that those are my only picks because I wear them the most but I have tested and tried them for months, I prove and decided to stick to these products (even repurchase it). I mostly use Korean brands but in 2020 I tried more of local brands and I found them not bad at all. So, let's just keep reading 8 best makeup products of 2020 from cushion to lip cream that worth the cash!

1. NACIFIC Secret Mood Velvet Cushion (23N-Vanilla) - around $15.5

I like to wear this cushion for all day activity and I love how it stays still on my skin without leaving cakey or greasy feeling. It has velvet-matte finish, easy to blend, and I admire its good coverage since the first layer! Enriched with UV protection (SPF50/PA++++), this cushion is definitely for you who usually have busy activity from day to night!

2. LOOKE Holy Smooth & Blur Loose Powder (FREYA) - around $11.90

Its particles are able to lock makeup for more than 5 hours without feeling cakey or oily. It smoothen skin perfectly with blur effect that makes my skin looks like a baby! Sometimes when I don't feel like wearing foundation or BB cream, I only wear this powder and it's all set! Oh, and it's also HALAL and vegan-friendly though. You can check the whole review of this product here.

3. THE BALM Mary Lou Manizer - around $33

This is my holy grail highlighter since few years ago and nothing can replace it until now! It's so pigmented and stays for long duration. It gives extravagant glow without feeling exaggerating at all. 

4. ETUDE HOUSE Lovely Cookie Blusher (PK002 Grapefruit Jelly) - around $7.80

This blusher is not just cute but also affordable and has good pigmentation. I love this grapefruit jelly because it gives sweet, feminine look that is wearable for everyday makeup. Cuteness overload!

5. BLACK ROUGE Crystal Heart Lock Shadow (CH02-Rose Coffret) - around $18

I wear this compact eyeshadow palette almost everyday. I love how it suits for any occasion and the colors are very sweet and romantic. It has great pigmentation and doesn't fall out easily. Definitely my dream eyeshadow palette! By the way, you can get this Korean eyeshadow palette at my CHARIS shop for more affordable price. Trust me you'll thank me later for purchasing this eyeshadow palette :)

6. LOOKE Holy Lash Elixir - around $10.2

Another shoutout to LOOKE Cosmetic, one of the best local brand I've ever known in 2020. This mascara could give natural look to your eyelashes in just one swipe and gorgeous, dramatic look in multiple swipes. It doesn't clumpy easily, waterproof, and stays for long time!

7. UPMOST BEAUTE 2in1 Eyeliner & Serum - around $7.80

This sharp edge of this eyeliner makes it easier to create perfect line. It's waterproof, smudge-proof, and stays for long time too! It also contains Althaea Rosea flower extract and Peptide which improve eyelash growth. Such a win-win, right?

8. LILYBYRED Mood Liar Velvet Tint (#04-Mellow Persimmon) - around $24.99

I found this tint at Olive Young and was attracted because of the packaging, but then I keep repurchasing this tint because it's not just cute but the color variants suit my skin tone so much and also it doesn't dry my lips. It's very pigmented and gives velvet with hint of glossy result to my look. You know I've been trying lot of lip products but I can never get enough with this tint. 

Do you also use any of those products?
By the way, kindly read my fellow bloggers version of their best makeup products here :

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  1. I haven't used these products but the eye shadow palette looks gorgeous, love these colors!:)

  2. I loveee Lilybyred's lip tints! <3


    1. Yea yea, I repurchase all over again , love it so so much! <3

  3. I need that palette, oh my! It´s so cute! Love the eyeshadows! ❤

    Blog de la Licorne *

  4. Love your picks for the year! Awesome post! Thanks so much for your comment too!

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