If you visit my blog often, you must have known this skincare product from FUJIFILM since I've written the review about Astalift Jelly A...

If you visit my blog often, you must have known this skincare product from FUJIFILM since I've written the review about Astalift Jelly Aquarista around 2 years ago (you can check my previous review here). Looks same indeed, but actually it's slightly different. The NEW Astalift Jelly Aquarista is an innovation from the previous version which has more additional ingredients to improve the benefits for skin. As you know, I am a fan of their previous version of anti-aging jelly, especially on how it hydrates my dry skin and also its super calming rose scent. All thanks to Clozette Indonesia, this time I got a chance to try the newest version of this high-end skincare again - now let's just heading to the review section!

What it is :

Astalift Jelly Aquarista is an anti-aging facial jelly invented by FUJIFILM which product is using camera technology that gives moisture and nutrients by repairing skin texture in the skin's natural barrier. The newest version of Astalift Jelly Aquarista contains Double-Human Type Nano Ceramides to maintain skin's water level just like the previous one, but it also adds on 10% Ceramide and Asenyaku extract which used as antioxidant. Beside that, this product can be used as makeup base and to improve the efficacy of subsequent skincare products - or let's just simplify it as a booster.

How to use :

After cleansing, apply sufficient amount of the jelly using the spatula. Use it before applying other skincare products.


Super elegant, sturdy, feminine new design acrylic jar comes with new spatula and tray design as well. Just like the previous version, the jar is safely secured by the gold foil. All description is written in Japanese.

The texture of the newer version is slightly thicker, a clear orange jelly form while the previous version has slight shimmer on the jelly. Both has same rose scent which is very calming (and my favorite too!).  It blends easily but needs few seconds to completely absorbs into skin. You will notice once you take out the product from the jar, the form of the jelly will return neatly following the jar's shape and probably you can't tell it's already being used or not!


I've been using this product for quite long time and I use it daily in the morning after shower and night before bed. I don't know if it's just me or I feel like I can see the difference between the previous version and the newer one. Unlike what I did before that I use this jelly to replace moisturizer, this time I use it before I apply my skincare products. So basically I use it as a starter and the result is amazing! My skin becomes smoother, hydrated, glowing just like jelly! Oh, I also use it as base makeup before applying sun cream and I can feel that it soften the texture of my skin so I can apply other face makeup easily. Although I don't quite like the feeling when it's absorbed into skin (it's kinda sticky but when you touch your skin it's actually not greasy), but surprisingly this newer version works better than the previous one, in terms of the packaging and the result.


  • Elegant, safely secured packaging.
  • Enchanting, calming rose scent.
  • Blends easily.
  • Skin becomes smoother, hydrated, and glowing.
  • Multi purpose : anti-aging product, skin booster, and base makeup.
  • Slightly sticky.
  • High-end product aka pricey.
I am not 100% sure if this product works well on oily skin but for dry skin, you definitely need to try this jelly, it's really like a "magic jelly" which makes your skin looks glowing, healthier, smoother, and obviously younger! So, if you're into or maybe curious to try it, give it a go because you can find it easily at both offline and online stores!

Astalift Official Offline Store : SOGO Central Park , Lotte Shopping Avenue.
Astalift Official Online Store : TOKOPEDIA , SHOPEE.

Price : IDR 1.473.000 (around $99.80) / 40ml
Rate : 4.75 out of 5 (you should try it immediately!)

Astalift Indonesia Official Instagram : @astalift_indonesia
Clozette Indonesia Official Instagram : @clozetteid

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  1. What a good product!!!❤❤❤Treat the skin care as we treat our affordable lace wigs, start care as soon as possible.🌟🌟🌟

  2. Can`t wait to try the NEW Astalift Jelly Aquarista, and if could have a try a fashion hair will be perfect like Jerry Curls ♥ ✨✨✨

  3. You have got a beautiful skin, the product seems really nice !!
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    Instagram - kancchanlad (let's connect)

    1. Thank you! My skin is not that beautiful but it's getting better since I use this product daily :)

  4. Thank you so much for this informative review! It sounds like a great multi-purpose product!
    Julia x

    1. Yes, I do really recommend this, the effect is seriously awesome!

  5. I dont know this product but i would like to try this :) have a nice day

    1. Yeah it's from Japanese brand, but I guess you can also find it everywhere online :)

  6. Hi Chelshea,
    Thank you for this well-written product review. First time I’ve heard about the Astalift Jelly Aquarista skin care product. Sounds interesting!
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