What Is Black Friday And What To Buy

Ever since I started blogging and working online, I keep finding terms which I never knew before, including Black Friday. First I found it f...

Ever since I started blogging and working online, I keep finding terms which I never knew before, including Black Friday. First I found it from other blogger's article and also from e-commerce website but I never really understand the meaning of it. So after some researches, I found out that Black Friday is the day after thanksgiving and is the beginning of the holiday shopping. Almost all stores (mostly online stores) do massive sales or promotion to attract people to shop more. 

Why is it called Black Friday?

Because many retailers who do this sale after Thanksgiving reach highest profits which makes their losses in 'red ink' turn into 'black'. 

What to do and buy on Black Friday?

What else besides binge shopping? I am totally understand that the current condition forces us to tighten belt to buy unnecessary thing, but this only happens once a year when you can shop anything you like in super special price so I guess it's a win-win, especially if you're looking for something which you usually hesitate to buy unless it's on sale (well this is my case actually). That is why, when FeelinGirl Black Friday Deals 2020 appears, I started to get excited to put some of my favorite items from their website into shopping cart. Fyi, FeelinGirl is an e-commerce website which provides lot of shapewear like bodysuits, waist trainers, shorts, even panties. As they are focusing on selling this one type of product, I feel more comfortable to shop shapewear from them. However, as I told you earlier, shapewear is one of those products I have in mind which I won't initially get it without any purpose or special deal - and finally the time has arrived! I have found some of my favorite pieces especially waist and thigh trimmer which will be perfect for my home workout purpose. Check out some of my picks below here:

Waist Trainer 1 // Waist Trainer 2 // Waist Trainer 3

Apart from those, they also have plus size shapewear bodysuit collection which is very vary and most of them comes in neutral colors. What I mean with plus size is they are not just available in regular sizes but from size S until size 3XL, amazing isn't it? So, here are some of my picks and all of them are currently on sale! Can you imagine how affordable it is on Black Friday Sale?

Bodysuit 1 // Bodysuit 2 // Bodysuit 3

So, what's your plan for upcoming Black Friday which will be held on November, 27th this year? I suggest you to set your reminder before you miss this biggest sale of the year!

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  2. I love BL shopping!!
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  3. I will probably try to find a keurig or coffee maker, but that is not set in stone yet. Tbh, I don't always participate in black Friday, and unless I have work that day don't leave the house. It will be interesting to see how black Friday is how it's handled in the US considering the virus isn't under control.

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  6. I love black friday very much, it is the best deal in the year like Jerry Curl
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