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I used to have no idea when I found out that Fujifilm published their skincare line named ASTALIFT - which actually came from the inve...

I used to have no idea when I found out that Fujifilm published their skincare line named ASTALIFT - which actually came from the invention of nanoparticles of Astaxanthin, a red ingredient filled with beauty power. Few years later, in 2010 to be exact, they used their inovation of nanotechnology to create the well-known Jelly Aquarysta, which consists of a mixture of collagen and moisturizer that absorbs into skin and makes it radiant and healthier. Known as "Magic Gel", Jelly Aquarysta successfully makes me totally curious about how it actually works on my skin and I am pretty grateful that Clozette Indonesia gave me chance to try this product and review it for my dearest readers. So, how if we get to know more about this product together ? 

What it is :
Jelly Aquarysta is Japan's No. 1 anti-aging phenomenon. It actually fills, revives, and maintain the level of "Ceramide" as the skin's guard that is also the key to skin moisturization. Jelly Aquarysta is an advanced jelly-type beauty essence containing the "Human-Type Nano Ceramide" that helps to maintain water levels of skin and also improve the natural 'barrier' of the skin, keep it from free radical, prevents dry skin, skin-aging, and dark spots as well.

How to use :
Take sufficient amount of the Jelly Aquarysta using spatula, then apply it before moisturizer or makeup primer to protect skin.


Luxury yet sturdy acrylic bottle that comes with glossy paper box, spatula and small acrylic plate to place the bottle and spatula together. There is no seal on the paper box, but there is a foil seal inside the bottle. All description and direction are written in Japanese.

Watery yet quite dense jelly texture with light floral scent ( it's more like rose scent ).

I've been using this product for around two weeks and I can really see the result, just like what you can see on the picture above - my skin looks way more hydrated, less wrinkle, smaller pores, and healthier. I use this Jelly Aquarysta before going to bed at night to replace my moisturizer rather than essence because it contains lot of moisture that really locks my skin very well, just like how my moisturizer usually does. It actually quite hard to blend and absorbs into skin because of the jelly texture which is quite dense, but after it is absorbed, I can really feel how hydrating and moisturizing it is, with slight of stickiness I must say. Oh, I only need few amount of jelly to be applied on all over my face so I think that's pretty economic anyway.

- Luxury packaging
- Safely sealed with foil seal
- Pleasant floral scent
- Hydrating and moisturizing
- Tighten pores
- Pretty economic ( only need few amount to be applied on all over face )

- Description and direction all written in Japanese
- Need some while to blend and absorbed
- Slight stickiness
- Pricey

As a girl who have very dry skin, I really adore how this product works on my face because as I have said so many times, I always love something that is very moisturizing and hydrating. However, I am not really sure how it works for you who have oily skin because I notice that it contains lot of moisture and slight stickiness, so I have no idea if this product actually works just fine on your face or leave any breakout. Therefore, I am very open for your comments if you have ever tried this Jelly Aquarysta before, please let me know because sharing is caring :)

Price : IDR 1.471.000 / 40gr ( around $107 )
Rate : 4 out of 5

Astalift Indonesia's Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/astalift_indonesia/
ClozetteID's Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/clozetteid/

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  1. So glad to hear this has been working well for you! It sounds wonderful.


  2. great post...
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    1. Yes it is, my skin feels so smooth and hydrated :)

  4. Girlll you're so beautiful. You look wonderful in that photo.
    Sounds like a great product to me. I love when products work wonders.


  5. Sounds nice Dear:) great review:)

  6. This definitely looks like something I would try, and the fact that you've seen results is positive.

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  7. sound of this products supper dear,i want to try it,keep posting..

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