How To Stay In Shape During Quarantine

I know it's not easy to maintain weight during quarantine especially if your body metabolism doesn't work that well. If that's t...

I know it's not easy to maintain weight during quarantine especially if your body metabolism doesn't work that well. If that's the case, please do understand that you're not alone. As you probably know, I really like to exercise regularly and walk around 10.000 per day ( I am a mobile person indeed ), but since the pandemic I rarely walk. I only stare at the laptop working non stop from day to night and the longest distance I have for walking is probably from bedroom to dining room. I still do workout, but at some point, it makes me look slightly bulky than before somehow and it's so stressing.

After doing some research, asking some friends who has been through this situation and then practice it by myself, I finally figure out how to stay in shape during quarantine with no need a lot of equipment and exercise ! So here are some little tips that you may need too :

1.Choose food that is rich in nutrient.
You are what you eat. Yeah, we probably hear this sentence too many times but it's true. As you know, I can't skip any meal without dessert. That's one of the reason why I can't reduce weight although I workout real hard. So, I change my dessert with fruits ( dragon fruit and papaya are my favorites ) or sometimes I make chia pudding. Those are really good for digestion. I replace white/brown rice with sweet potato, for the protein I replace omelette with hard boiled egg (without the yolk), then I also prefer steamed fish than meat, also add more veggies like broccoli and spinach. If you're not into them, maybe you can also try to do IF ( Intermittent Fasting ), it really works on me so I combine two of them.

2. Try HIIT exercise.
I never been really into high intensity exercise before, but after trying HIIT ( High-Intensity Interval Training ), I can really feel the difference on my body. It burns calories more with less workout time ( usually around 10-15 minutes only ), but you're going to fully sweating !

3. Wear shapewear.
This probably the most practicable among all. Some people might say shapewear doesn't work to maintain body weight. That's true indeed. But for me, shapewear helps me to control my appetite and makes body looks more lean and attractive. As waist trainer for women, shapewear also helps workout more efficient. It all depends on our needs and preference. If you prefer to wear shapewear for occasional or daily wear, you can choose thinner, more elastic material so you will still feel comfortable while wearing it. Do make sure to choose the correct size for you. Don't force yourself wearing smaller size when you're actually need to wear plus size shapewear because it will just make your body suffer a lot.

Image 1 // Image 2 // Image 3 // Image 4

Those are some of my recommendation of shapewear that you might try as soon as possible. I pick them personally from Shapellx Shapewear which probably you might like based on your needs. I prefer to wear shapewear during day time or the day when I am going to wear tight, bodycon dress. It really helps a lot to enhance body shape indeed!
Have you tried any of them ?
Kindly let me know in comments :)

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  1. I binged so much during the quarantine but I was doing HIIT as well! Lost weight and now feeling good. Looking forward to more posts!


  2. These are great suggestions! I am definitely trying to start eating healthier. I've been working out pretty consistently during quarantine moths but the food is much harder!
    the creation of beauty is art.

  3. thanks for sharing this post! I love your style!


  4. Hi, beautiful girl, I love your stature❤❤❤ hair weave



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