Which Types Of Human Hair Is The Best?

I don't change my hairstyle too often, even sometimes I feel my hairstyle is too boring because I always end up repeating the same style...

I don't change my hairstyle too often, even sometimes I feel my hairstyle is too boring because I always end up repeating the same style (pardon my old taste). But anyway, I like to keep myself updated with the current hair trends, not just because I work as designer and stylist, but I also find it very therapeutic. Now, as we're entering second semester of 2020, we're going to see lot of autumn-winter hairstyles which will be appeared all around internet until early 2021. I've been searching and selecting some of my favorite human hairstyles and now I am ready to share them with you, enjoy!

Thank God for this trend. I am not saying center part is bad (well it's super gorgeous indeed) but that hairstyle just doesn't belong to me because no matter how many times I tried to do this hairstyle it always turns out bad. Another reason is, I have side part hair since birth and can't really move on until now, so it's really a plus point for me! We can create a dramatic, volumized look to our hair by adding up hair clip like this brazilian hair bundles to level up the hairstyle or simply to make a different impression while attending a special event (via Zoom), if possible.

When I hear word "ponytail" the first name who comes across my mind is no one else but Ariana. But, this trend is not about the ponytail that Ariana Grande usually has. It's about sleek at the top, followed with deep wave sew in to give extra texture to the ponytail. This hairstyle reminds me of one of K-Pop's girl group, Girls' Generation (SNSD) ever brought this hair concept to their music video. This probably the one hairstyle that I've been craving to try for so long but didn't manage to try it until now. I guess I should go buy wig or hair clip instead.

It seems like this upcoming fall winter season is the season for wavy hair. Natural, loose wavy hair would become a major trend but this time with an extra twist : it comes with a little wet texture. As simple as that, we can put hair foam onto hand palm while slowly combing the wavy hair with fingers. However, if you feel like too lazy to do it, you can try the instant way by using hair extension, like this weave bundles, which has the similar texture like what I refer to.

People tend to choose darker hair for fall winter season, but now we can go to lighter color with a little accent of ombre or highlight hair. If spring summer told us to do contrast hair color on the side bangs, then fall winter is time to do warm gradient. This body wave sew in hair from Kriyya is probably one of my ideal hair color for upcoming season. It looks natural, fresh, and gives a romantic look.

I think it's time for me to do some hair transformation this season. Although I am not sure if I am able to color my hair again but I think I can give some extra look by using hair extension instead.
So, how do you like this hairstyle trend ? Which one is your favorite ?

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  1. Love and extreme side part! I works so well at any length.
    hair extensions are definitely a game changer!

    Great post!

  2. Good share, I like this page. 4x4 lace wig
    Have a good day, beautiful girl.



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