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I like to do experiment but when it comes to hair, I must say that I am quite picky. Frankly I never really go to salon regularly - ...

I like to do experiment but when it comes to hair, I must say that I am quite picky. Frankly I never really go to salon regularly - maybe just 1-2 times every 6 months only to get hair trimmed or coloring because I always prefer to do it at home as long as I can do it by myself or someone to help me. Well, I guess I don't really have favorite salon in town since I always move from one to another. 
One day, I saw my friend just got her hair perm but with natural result which people usually called permanent blow. Call me out-of-dated but that was the first time I knew about permanent blow and she successfully made me tempted to try this treatment. Of course I didn't do it immediately, first I listed some local hair salons that able to do this treatment, before finally convince myself to get my hair done by them. Lucky I decided to get my first permanent blow at House of David Salon because the result is truly satisfying ! Wanna know more about my hair transformation at one of best salon in Surabaya ? Keep reading this article until the end :)

 House of David Salon West Surabaya branch

Mr. David did my hair cut

Before starting the permanent blow treatment, Mr. David as the owner gently checked my hair condition and suggested me to get my hair trimmed so the result of the permanent blow would look nicer because currently my hair shape is quite flat. I said yes obviously, so he did some layers to my hair and yes - although my hair length is still the same, my hair actually looks shorter than before because of the hair layers but I like it anyway because my hair looks way thicker somehow.

Now we move to the main part which is permanent blow treatment. As you can see from pictures above, the steps are almost the same as perm treatment. First they applied hair vitamin/serum to protect my hair from damage before applying the perm cream. After leaving it for several minutes, they rolled my hair with variant size of hair rolls ( they use bigger rolls for bangs ), then my hair left heated up for around 45 minutes using the perm machine so that the curls can stay permanently. Last step is applying neutralizer and they leave my hair for few minutes before the second hair wash.

After around 3 hours, permanent blow treatment at House of David is officially done! I really love how natural the curl is, which reminds me of Korean curls, and my hair looks thicker than ever! Furthermore, I also admire the service of all staffs. They are very friendly and polite - always ask for my permission about what they're going to do with my hair and did my hair very gently ( well, no wonder because Mr. David himself is very polite and friendly, I guess that's how he trained his staffs too, well done Mr. David! ).

Special thanks to all House of David Salon staffs for the great service,  finally I found my favorite salon in town and I can't wait to come back for another treatment!

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- WR Supratman 44, Surabaya
- Waterplace D1-D2, Surabaya

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  1. Love the result... your hair looks so glossy and beautiful!
    Nothing better than getting your hair done!

  2. Oh this came out great! I could so use this. My hair is sooooo flat. Very cool

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  3. You look great ♥


  4. Your hair looks absolutely beautiful! HOUSE OF DAVID SALON seems to know very well to make you happy with the results.

  5. The final result is so stunning. I would definitely consider this myself. I have super straight hair and hate it!


  6. Great post, the final resul is a beautifu! :)
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