[TUTORIAL] Spring Coral Makeup

It's been a while since last time I posted about makeup look. Hence, this time I decided to share one of my recent favorite makeu...

It's been a while since last time I posted about makeup look. Hence, this time I decided to share one of my recent favorite makeup look that suits for upcoming season - coral makeup. As coral becomes the color of 2019, I can't help myself but trying to create makeup look to celebrate this trend, using all products provided by one and only, Althea Korea. Wanna know more about how to create this simple coral makeup using all Althea's newest products in 3 steps only ?
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Althea's Newest Makeup Products


Before applying foundation, I use this Skin Relief Spot Film Gel that has same function as acne patch but in gel version, to cover some tiny pimples around my lower cheek. This gel is super useful especially during breakout. I prefer to use it less because this gel is peeled easily, so the thicker we put, the bigger chance for it to be peeled.

I usually apply concealer before and after applying foundation. I use darker shade before foundation to cover imperfection on my dark circles, then I apply lighter one to cover acne and redness after foundation. While Althea has 3 warm tone shades + 1 cool tone shade of concealers ( Vanilla, Ginger, Honey, and Mocha ), I use Honey ( as darker concealer ) before foundation and Ginger (as ligher concealer ) after foundation. I like the performance of this concealer though, it has light-creamy texture, easy to blend, doesn't leave any patch after hours, and has medium coverage.


This maybe one of the simplest, easiest eye makeup that you can copy as soon as you get this Althea x BCL Eye Palette Sunrise Moonrise - because this palette itself is already amazing, thanks to the super high pigmentation colors. 

1. I use 2 shimmer shades for this look, lighter pink and glittery coral pink. Simply apply lighter pink all around eyelid.
2. Apply glittery coral pink eyeshadow on the lower lid, blend it carefully with small blending brush until it creates gradient with the lighter pink eyeshadow. 
3. Draw straight line using brown creamy eyeliner, follow the eye shape to create natural-rounder eye.
4. To finish upper eye makeup, apply your favorite natural-looking false lashes.
5. Apply mascara for lower lashes with vertical movement.
6. Using Althea's Spotlight Eye Glitter (#02 Pink Light), apply to the waterline carefully.
7. Eye makeup done!

Althea Spotlight Eye Glitter ( #01 Gold Light & #02 Pink Light )


( #01 Plum Cream, #02 Strawberry Cream, #03 Peach Cream, #04 Marron Cream )

This might be the most favorite step for all because that means makeup is almost done. Frankly I was quite puzzled when I chose which shade should I use for this look because all colors are just my favorite and I must say - the shades are quite similar. Then my pick goes to #04 Marron Cream that has medium red-dark coral color. The color is just suits my overall look and since it has glossy, watery look, it makes this coral makeup even more fresh!

Final Look

So, how do you think about this makeup look ? I am pretty sure that almost all of us can re-create this look - all we need to do is just to get the suitable products for it. I've put all the links of the products so you can easily click it. Kindly let me know if you re-create this makeup look or give me some suggestion what makeup look I should do next, perhaps ?

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  1. The makeup is phenomenal! I'm so happy spring is here and we can all celebrate it with some beautiful elegant mareup :)



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