[REVIEW] Superface Zoom In Mesh Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++ 01. Light

Calling all people who craves for the high coverage cushion that perfect for Asian skin, keep reading this article until the end becau...

Calling all people who craves for the high coverage cushion that perfect for Asian skin, keep reading this article until the end because I am going to reveal everything about this super hyped cushion from Korean brand named Superface. Some of you might don't know about this brand yet because unlike any other well-known Korean brands, this brand could be included as new competitor. However, with their innovation by creating this Zoom In Mesh Cushion, I am pretty sure that they'll get bigger than ever because of this cushion.

What it is :
Lightweight dense texture that blends into skin seamlessly. Multi-light reflective technology that offers lightweight yet full coverage and blends into skin so it could brighten up the skin tone. It protects skin from UV rays and preventing photo-aging with Superface Herb 7 Complex. It delivers instant cool refreshing sensation, calms down the redness, and non-sticky feeling for long lasting finish.

How to use :
Put a sufficient amount on the puff by pushing it against the mesh and dab gently on the face and neck.

Consists of 3 warm tone shades :
00. Fair - 01. Light - 02. Natural

Dense mesh cushion

After more than 4 hours, face starts to oily

Fancy yellow-black square cushion that is very light, slim, yet sturdy. It comes with the refill (12g) and safely sealed. Cushion puff itself is also slim and absorbs decent amount of the product so it's very economic. There are quite lot of cute graphics on the paper box - ingredients and directions are written in both Korean and English so we don't need to worry if we can't read Hangul.

Light, creamy texture with decent powdery scent.

I use shade 01.Light and the color is just perfect for my skin, blends and absorbs easily. After using this cushion several times, I can claim that this product really has great coverage with slight dewy finish. I have some redness around nose area, pimples on right cheek - and it can cover it all so I don't need to apply concealer anymore. Although it has great coverage, it doesn't feel heavy for my skin. However, because of the dewy finish - my face starts to oily after 4 hours wearing this product. Fyi, I have normal-dry skin combination and this rarely happen - when my face gets oily so much especially on the T-zone and cheeks.

- Unique, well-designed packaging
- Comes with refill
- Safely sealed
- Blends, absorbs into skin perfectly
- Light texture
- Great coverage
- Warm shade

- Few shade option
- Not long lasting ( face starts to oily after 4 hours )

I am so in love with this cushion since the first time because of the light texture, perfect for my skin tone, high coverage ability, and it comes with refill ( I always love cushion that comes with refill, lol ). Unfortunately, the formula of this product makes my skin gets oily so much after few hours which is quite disturbing if I wear this for all day long. However, I will keep using this product though, especially during indoor activity.

Updated 26/08/19 - second refill :
I tried to layer this cushion with loose powder and it turns out amazing! It sits on its place pretty well for all day long without any crack or getting cakey. At first, I thought it's because of the loose powder that's doing a good job but then I tried to use different loose powder but it's still has the same result. I sum up that it's most decent way to wear this cushion - and now it becomes one of my favorite cushion!

Well, if you want to try this super hyped cushion too and to prove how good its coverage ability for your skin, you can hurry purchase it at HICHARIS for more affordable deal. I do really recommend this product for you who have warm skin tone and needs high coverage cushion with slight glowing result :)

Rate : 4 out of 5
Price : Normal price : IDR 529.000 ( $35 ), special price from my link : IDR 423.000 ( $28 )

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  1. Nice post, do not like that the shades are limited for the product.

    Bernie, xx
    The Style Fanatic

  2. Seems like a great product, i haven't tried this brand though :D
    thank you for the review ^^

    My blog - Lalabetterdayz

  3. Such a shame its not long lasting, but still a good. I can see the difference. Great and honest review.




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