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If you're searching " traffic lawyers near me " to fight a speeding ticket in court, consider the experienced, affordab...

If you're searching "traffic lawyers near me" to fight a speeding ticket in court, consider the experienced, affordable attorneys at The Ticket Clinic. We are prepared to argue for dismissal and negotiate penalties on your behalf in court.

California Speeding Ticket Penalties

Speeding tickets in California can be quite costly. In addition to the base fine for the offense, drivers are also subject to additional fees and surcharges depending on the county where the ticket was issued. A 20 percent surcharge is also added to each traffic ticket.

If you're convicted of speeding, you will also have a point added to your driver's license. Accumulating four points or more in 12 months results in license suspension. Minors face license suspension after two or more points in 12 months.

In some cases, the court may order you to attend traffic school at your expense. Insurance premium rates will likely rise if you plead guilty to a speeding ticket.

Why Hire a Traffic Ticket Lawyer?

Our expansive knowledge of the California driving statutes and our experience defending more than 3 million traffic cases since 1987 allows us to advocate for you in front of a judge. If you receive a speeding ticket, even if your speed was recorded by a red light camera or radar device, don't pay it without seeking legal advice.

Consulting an attorney is especially important if you are facing license suspension or revocation as a result of a speeding ticket. We understand the inner workings of speed tracking devices and can often argue that these types of tickets are invalid. We also maintain a 22-point checklist of documentation the ticketing officer must provide. If any of these items are missing, the ticket can be found invalid.

If you received a California speeding ticket, contact the premier traffic ticket lawyers Los Angeles for a free consultation. Call us today at 1-800-967-7608.

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