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We may not using too much makeup during summer since the weather is super warm and makes our makeup break out easily. Personally, I alw...

We may not using too much makeup during summer since the weather is super warm and makes our makeup break out easily. Personally, I always prefer to maximize the usage of skincare and wear less makeup during summer days. However, no matter how soft my makeup is, I still need to wear lipstick especially matte lipstick so it could stay a little bit longer on my lips. While recently, I was introduced with this newest matte lipstick series from PIXY [ read my previous PIXY lip cream review here ] and I am just too curious to try these 10 happy colors which I think would perfect for summer days. So, how if we just begin the review ?

What it is :
PIXY Matte In Love lipstick is a lipstick series with matte finish, high coverage, high pigmentation, slim packaging, and very blendable. Enriched with moisturizing agent and vitamin E to keep lips stay moisturized.

How to use :
Apply sufficient amount of lipstick onto lips and blend it carefully.

Consists of 10 colors :
104-Pop Pink, 105-Divine Rouge, 106-Red Fusion, 210-Blushing Rose, 211-Vibe Pink, 310-Deep Plum, 408-Merry Orange, 505-Exotic Nude, 506-Serene Brown, 507-Ginger Ale.

Swatches on hand 

 Wiped with tissue

 Cleansed with makeup remover

 Bare Lips

Swatches on lips

It has super light, slim, petite packaging indeed, with only 7,5 cm tall. Comes with paper box which design quite similar with the lip cream series, without any seal. We can see the expired date at the bottom part of the lipstick. For the lipstick design, it is also quite basic with black and metallic magenta. It has round shaped tip which I feel quite difficult to apply to whole lips without any help from my own finger to blend the color. 

Creamy, soft texture with very high color pigmentation and slight sweet scent. 

First of all, I have to admit that I really love the creamy texture of this lipstick. It seems like a good sign for my lips to not getting dry because of this lipstick - and it's true! I only need one swipe to cover whole lips and it's moisturizing enough for my dry lips, although it would be much better if I wear lipbalm before, so that the lipstick glides smoothly on my lips. It has matte-silky finish with great color pigmentation even for the nudest color one ( 507 - Ginger Ale ). Its transfer-proof ability is also decent enough as long as we don't eat food that is super oily - while for the staying power is also quite good because it can stay for around 5 hours before the color starts to fade a bit and leave a few flakes around inner lips. From the picture above, when I tried to wipe the colors with tissue it's very difficult to remove the colors while I tried to remove them with makeup remover, I need to wipe them several times to remove the colors completely.

- Light, slim packaging
- Decent variant colors ( from bold to nude )
- High color pigmentation
- Creamy texture
- High coverage
- Transfer-proof
- Good staying power
- Very affordable ( IDR 43.000 / around $3 )

- Comes with no seal
- Round shaped tip

As I said before, what makes me fall in love with this lipstick is because of the creamy texture and moisturizing formula which doesn't make my lips suffer. It also has pretty color variation ( from bold to nude ) that is perfect for summer days, especially 505-Exotic Nude which more like peach color with hint of red undertone. It looks natural and suits my skin tone very well, therefore I like to wear it for my everyday look.

505-Exotic Nude

Last but not least, for you who wants to give this matte lipstick a try, you can actually find it easily in either offline store ( Indomaret, Alfamidi, Hypermart, Lottemart, Dan+Dan, Watsons, Guardian, Ramayana, BEAU, Local Chain & Local Store ) and online store ( Blibli.com, Lazada.co.id, and Shopee.co.id ).

Special thanks to Beautynesia for the chance :)

Rate : 3.75 out of 5
Price : IDR 43.000 ( around $3 )

Instagram          : @pixycosmetics
Twitter               : @pixyindonesia
Facebook           : PIXY Indonesia
Youtube             : PIXY Indonesia
PIXY official website :

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  1. Oh wow, so many shades to choose them! They all look really beautiful.

  2. Waah bare lipsnya aja udah cakepp bibirnyaa <3

    Btw cantik semuaa warnanya di kamuu..

  3. Love the divine rouge shade! All these are absolute heaven for someone like me who loves lipsticks!


  4. Cantik juga ya warna exotic nude <3

  5. The colors are definitely pretty on you, and I would love the Vibe Pink and Red Fusion! I'm a real lipstick/lipgloss lover to the core. You do the best review Chelshea!!


  6. These shades are all gorgeous, but I'm definitely more drawn to the deeper reds. Love them.

    Have a great week!
    Amy; Wandering Everywhere

  7. I've never heard about this brand but wow so many pretty shades *o*

  8. Oh these look great, and $43 is a good deal for all those colors. Excellent review.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  9. Ni lipen bikin gagal move on banget, harga, formula dan packaging nya PAS.

  10. Warnanya cantik2bgt dan harganya juga terjangkau banget yah, akkkhhh ratjun banget.




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