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Today is June the 1st, sun gets brighter, weather becomes warmer, and those mean summer is coming! I guess almost all people a...

Today is June the 1st, sun gets brighter, weather becomes warmer, and those mean summer is coming! I guess almost all people are busy preparing for their summer plan now, are you also one of them ? Well, my girls and I are just too excited for summer though! Obviously not because of the warm weather ( since we live in tropical country ), but because we can dress up as much as we like, as thin as we want ! We can explore more new styles, wearing more colorful prints, do layering game in different way, and also put more accessories ( sunglass, hat, etc ). Okay, not much talking, let's just digging into our outfit details, probably one or more can inspire you for your summer holiday outfit :)

From left to right : Cynthian - Mindy - Chelshea - Fanny - Bella

1. CYNTHIAN ( vlogger from 13chyn )
She was wearing a super cute carousel print mini dress with matchy rubber slipper and mini furry bunny haircharm.

2. MINDY ( blogger from )
She was wearing baby pink ruffled sleeves chiffon top layered with similar tone floral chiffon maxi dress, light beige straw hat, pom earrings, and flower statement sandals.

I was wearing primrose yellow bustier crop top with off-white high waisted shorts and scarlet red floral chiffon shirt dress as outer. beige straw hat, feather statement earrings, bow heels, ( from other pictures you can also spotted me wearing rosegold mirror sunnies ).

4. FANNY ( vlogger from fanny blackrose )
She was wearing orange oversized floral maxi dress with same color scarf and platform sandals.

5. BELLA ( blogger from )
She was wearing black dainty floral flare top with navy shorts, aviator sunnies, black lace choker, and lace up sandals.

Let me give you some little tips of wearing summer outfit. First, you don't have to buy new stuff, you can always update your old stuff by styling it differently. Wear your old floral shirt dress as outer or layer it with any sleveless top. Second, play more with colors, don't worry if it will be looking too striking because that represents summer! Third, always choose thin fabric such as light cotton, chiffon, silk cotton, etc, because summer is all about effortless yet stylish look. Hope those tips will be helpful. Last but not least, special thanks to VASA Hotel Surabaya for providing this beautiful spot :)

Location :
VASA Hotel Surabaya
HR. Moh No. 31, Putat Gede, Suko Manunggal, Surabaya, East Java
+6231 - 7301888

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  1. Great post :) You all have amazing outfits :)

  2. you're so beautiful!

  3. Love that you all got together and look so summer ready. I love your cute and casual look, especially the floral kimono. Beautiful!

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  5. Wow all of you look fabulous! :D

  6. Looks like lot of fun :) Love everyones outfits x

    Pink Frenzy

  7. Thank you for your kind comment!
    The photos look amazing!


  8. Great post nice outfits. I am following you and I hope you follow back 😊

  9. LOVE it!!!

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