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Women always want to look beautiful, but the problem is not all women can do their own makeup. Let me clarify, to be beautiful is not a...

Women always want to look beautiful, but the problem is not all women can do their own makeup. Let me clarify, to be beautiful is not always with makeup, but we all agree that makeup can do a little magic to our face, right ? So, I have a good news to all makeup/beauty lovers who live in Indonesia because a beauty app which will help us to get instant beauty is finally launched! Yup, the app named House2House Indonesia ! 

Last Sunday, I was attending their soft launching event which supported by WomanBlitz and Surabaya Beauty Blogger at Ciputra World Hotel Surabaya. The event started with a makeup demo by Surabaya's well-known makeup artist, Imel Vilencia with Bella as her model. From this makeup demo, we learned how to create an outstanding party makeup with focusing on the eyes, some new makeup tips, and beauty hacks as well.

Party Makeup Result by Imel Vilencia

Later after that, Mrs. Lilies as the MC, welcoming Mr. Hermanto, CEO of House2House, to take over the stage. Mr. Hermanto introduced and explained to us what is House2House Indonesia.

What is House2House Indonesia ?
A beauty app in Google Play which will help you to find and order hairdresser, makeup artist ( MUA ), etc from your house, office, etc through your gadget only.

What is the background of House2House Indonesia ?
Because there are many choices of hairdressers, makeup artists, etc while we have no time to search, scroll around social media or internet just to find exact hairdresser, makeup artist, etc.

What does House2House Indonesia provide ?
List of beauty makeup service, hairdo, hair treatment, hair coloring, smoothing, and more beauty services.

What does House2House Indonesia have ?
1. Newest beauty & fashion trend news, so we can keep ourself update with any news in beauty or fashion all around us.
2. Real time nearby option, we can order the beauty service right on that time, no need to make appointment first ( because MUA or hairdresser etc can turn on their real time nearby feature if they don't have any job appointment ).
3. Appointment feature, we can make appointment before the D-Day.
4. Integrated to social media for personal chat and review, House2House provides MUA/hairdresser's social media so we can also contact them directly or just see their portfolios.
5. Appointment assistant, House2House can helps us if we just want to ask first about what we want.
6. Great deal, fix price, easy payment, credit card/deposit, seasonal discount, so the pricelist from MUA/hairdresser etc is just the same with what they offer outside. Mr. Deddy Poerwanto ( one of the speaker ) also said that the difference of ordering through House2House with manual appointment is that House2House provides seasonal discount ( which is very useful for us ) . Oh, we can also pay with credit card or any related card though !

Mrs. Lilies with Mr. Hermanto 

Mr. Hermanto, CEO of House2House Indonesia

Mr. Deddy Purwanto, one of the speaker

With Ce Mindy and Bella 

With beauty blogger fellow, Gita

Outfit of That Day

Goodie Bag from House2House Indonesia

Now you can get your instant beauty with House2House Indonesia! Simply download the app here : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.housetohouse , sign up with your email, make an order, type "house2house" at the voucher code box, then you will receive IDR 50.000 voucher discount  ! But, remember that this promo only valid until May, 31st, so make sure you download this app as soon as possible!

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  1. look like it's a great event! also i love your outfit at that day, it's simple and chic!
    thanks for sharing
    have a great day

  2. Looks like a perfect event. You look absolutely beautiful in this outfit, Chealshea.
    latest look: Glitter And Gingham

  3. That's a really cool event and the app sounds amazing as well - it's especially convenient that you don't have to book appointments in advance, usually you have to call saloons so long in advance. I love the outfit you're wearing, you can never go wrong with black xx


  4. Such a fun event! I love the makeup they did on your friend, so pretty.




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