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Recently my face became so much drier than before because of the changing weather. Yeah, of course I never skip my skin care routine s...

Recently my face became so much drier than before because of the changing weather. Yeah, of course I never skip my skin care routine such as applying essence, cream, and mask since I have a dry combination skin type, but somehow it still didn't work, especially after washing my face it became so dry and stiff until I felt like my face would turn into paper! Stressed? Well, obviously yes. but fortunately I found this SEIL Collagen beauty drink which made me realize that feeding skin from inside out is the key for a true healthy skin and that's why I pushed myself to share my experience about this product just in case some of you might need this too. So, let's just begin the review!

What it is :
SEIL Bioactive Collagen is packaged in powder form and to be consumed as a mixture with any beverage which could increase the amount of collagen in your skin. Drinking SEIL Collagen will reduce wrinkle, improve elasticity, plump up skin, reverse skin aging, tighten skin, whiten skin, and prevent aging.

How to use :
1. Open one sachet.
2. Pour the sachet into water or any drinks of your preference ( good with juice or iced tea )
3. Stir until dissolved.

A luxury glossy paper box consists of 15 sachets of collagen powder safely wrapped with plastic.

It has berry essence with no sugar added and the powder also dissolved easily.

I have been consuming this SEIL Collagen for around 2 weeks. I like to add it to my tea or any flavored drink ( from the picture above, I drank it with longan tea ). Although I don't drink it everyday but I can see the difference since from the first try. My face becomes much more moisturized and elastic day by day and it becomes brighter than before. What I like is that it doesn't harm my body at all and of course it doesn't ruin my flavored drink's taste.

- Luxury packaging
- Safely wrapped
- Makes skin looks healthier with fast result ( moisturized, more elastic, and brighten face )
- It doesn't ruin drink's taste
- Has no side effect

- Quite pricey for 15 sachets ( IDR 275.000 or around $21 )

Overall, I really like this SEIL Collagen beauty drink because this product works like magic for my skin. I totally recommend this product for anyone of you who wants to prevent breakouts and to make your skin looks much more healthier. If you want a faster result, you should drink it daily, simply add it to your favorite drink and voila! 

SEIL Collagen Website : www.seilcollagen.com
Facebook : Seil Collagen
Instagram : @seilcollagen

Rate : 4.5 out of 5

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful product, I would try this with pleasure :-) Have a nice weekend :-)

  2. This sounds like a great product. I really want to try drinking collagen.

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  3. Thanks a lot :D

    sounds amazing my dear. OMG!! I really need to use!!!

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  4. kok sekilas kayak coca-cola ya, chel 😂

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