If you have read my blog since 2020, you probably realized how often I try and review Scarlett Whitening ’s products, especially skincare. T...

If you have read my blog since 2020, you probably realized how often I try and review Scarlett Whitening’s products, especially skincare. Truth to be told, I like their Brightly Ever After series as it suits my skin condition - but recently, I found out they just released 2 newest variant serum which ingredients are quite popular these days among skincare brands : SKIN SMOOTHING RETINOL SERUM and NIACINAMIDE 5% BETA GLUCAN 7 PHYTO EXTRACT SERUM.


Based on the title above, I truly admit one of them works like magic on me (and yeah, it’s super affordable!). Are you curious which serum it is? Let’s keep scrolling until you find the answer!


What it is:

Serum that contains active ingredients such as Niacinamide 5%, Beta Glucan, 7 Phyto Extract. Tego Cosmo C100 (Creatine), and Allantoi that best for:

  • Protecting skin from free radicals
  • Disguise black spots and reduce hyperpigmentation

  • Repair and strengthen skin barrier

  • Brighten and moisturize skin

How to use:

Drop 2-3 times onto the palm then apply onto the face then pat in an outward and upward motion until completely evenly distributed on the face and neck. Wait 1-3 minutes until the product is absorbed fully.


A light yet sturdy glass bottle comes with a safely sealed paper box. The pipette size is quite short but it is able to take a sufficient amount of product. The ingredients, instructions, and PAO are displayed on the bottle and paper box, you can also scan the barcode to check the authenticity of the product.


Watery gel texture with a hint of chamomile scent.


I would say the major result I found in this serum is the skin hydration. From the before-after picture, you can see how my skin looks hydrated, glowing, supple, and less dull. I like how it’s easy to blend, absorb well into my skin and feels so light on my skin. Although I don’t see it’s able to reduce hyperpigmentation or black spots as I don’t have any of them and it does not really reduce any redness, I think this serum is perfect as a daily day and night serum to keep my skin hydrated.


  • Light, sturdy, safely sealed bottle packaging

  • Easily absorb into skin

  • Calming soft scent

  • Improve skin hydration

  • Makes skin looks glowing, supple, and less dull


  • Doesn’t reduce redness

PAO : 6 months

Rating : 3.75 out of 5

Price : IDR 75.000 (around $5) / 15 mL


What it is: 

Serum that contains active ingredients such as encapsulated Retinol, pomegranate extract, Hexapeptide-8, Allantoin, and vitamin C that used for:

  • Repairing skin texture

  • Disguise wrinkles and prevent sign of aging

  • Treating acne prone skin

How to use:

Pour 1 drop onto the finger and apply onto face and neck, then continue with moisturizer. Use it in the evening.


A lightweight yet sturdy glass bottle comes with a safely sealed paper box.


Creamy, thick texture with no scent.


I was quite skeptical with the super creamy texture as I am not quite a fan and my skin is quite sensitive to vitamin C, but after testing it on my skin for the first time, I became addicted to it! I love how one drop can be distributed all over the face and neck completely. I use it every night, especially when my skin feels tired and the next morning, my skin feels super soft, smoother, and brighter!


  • Lightweight, securely sealed packaging

  • Despite the creamy texture, it doesn’t make skin feels greasy

  • Very economic (only need one drop for face and neck)

  • Skin feels super soft and smooth

  • Brighten up skin

CONS: None

PAO : 6 months

Rating : 5 out of 5 (highly recommended!)

Price : IDR 75.000 (around $5) / 15 mL

Based on the review, I believe you can tell which one works like magic to me. Yes, THE RETINOL SERUM is truly a winner! I had no idea how retinol serum that contains vitamin C can work so well on my dry-combination skin because it usually triggers whiteheads. The effect is not too strong but it slowly repairs the skin condition which I really like (because instant results are usually only for temporary), plus it’s super affordable!

Have you tried any Retinol or Niacinamide serum before? Which one do you prefer based on your skin condition?

Scarlett Whitening Official Instagram : @scarlett_whitening

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  1. These products sound so fabulous! When there is no con to an item...that is always a good sign! So glad you've been able to enjoy these. Hope you are having a great week so far <3
    the creation of beauty is art.

  2. These serums sound lovely. I like the light weight texture. Besides retinol and niacinamide are my favorite skincare ingredients. The packaging looks cute too. You have beautiful skin my dear :-)

    Via | https://glossnglitters.com

  3. I absolutely LOVE serums for my skin especially climate-wise. Definitely will try these babies, affordable is always better for me



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