[REVIEW] Byunest - The First Birdnest Collagen Drink & How It Affects Me

I like to consume collagen drink and I’ve been drinking it since few years ago because I know my body needs it as I grow older. There are qu...

I like to consume collagen drink and I’ve been drinking it since few years ago because I know my body needs it as I grow older. There are quite many collagen drink that we can find anywhere in supermarket or marketplace but when I first knew BYUNEST, I was wondering because it’s not just a regular collagen drink but it’s bird nest drink which contains double collagen plus! How could it possible to combine these two main ingredient into one drink? Curious, aren’t you? Same here! That’s why once I received this product I just tried it immediately and drink it regularly so I can see the impact to my body. Let’s get to know further about this powder drink!

What it is:

First beauty drink in Indonesia (BPOM certified) that contains bird nest extract, fish collagen, glutathione, and vitamin C which rich in benefits. Using spray drying technology which is drying method that reduces natural product processing. BYUNEST contains double collagen plus from the bird nest and fish collagen to fulfill collagen needs in our bodies. It also contains glutathione and Sialic Acid which helps to brighten up skin.

It also contains:

  • -Vitamin C : to support immune system, reduce pain during period, help to stimulate collagen and antioxidant from free radicals.
  • Blueberry : to fulfill nutrient for body such as vitamin C, fiber, and mineral. It also contains low calorie.
  • Sucrose : Byunest uses stevia and corn sugar as natural sweetener,


To brighten up skin, maintain skin structure, prevent the formation of wrinkles and dark spots, maintain skin moisture and body health.

How to drink:

  • Pour 1 sachet into glass and stir it with 150ml water.
  • Drink it cold (don’t drink it with hot/warm water as it could ruin the benefit of the ingredients)
  • Consume within 24 hours after opening. Drink it everyday.
  • Drink it during empty stomach or 3 hours after eating. Best to consume at night when our body needs extra care, especially for cell regeneration.


Sweet yet elegant box packaging contains 14 sachets dominated with white and lilac color. Composition and instruction are written on the back side of the sachet while expired date can be seen on the front side of it.


Powder drink with the hint of soft blueberry flavor.


I really like the taste of this BYUNEST drink (and the purple color), it smells like fruity but not too strong and not too sweet as they use stevia and corn sugar – it’s very light indeed. Although I am not a fan of cold drink, I drink it as instruction and turns out very good! I kinda enjoy it not just because of the benefit but because of how it tastes! Anyway, I can feel my skin looks glowing and the redness around mouth area is also reduced. When I wake up in the morning I also feel my body feels more fresh! Of course it’s not just because of the drink but also because of maintaining healthy lifestyle - however this drink helps me to achieve a better me!


  • Suits for both men & women
  • Tastes light and not too sweet
  • Skin looks glowing
  • Reduce the redness / skin breakout
  • Body feels more fresh and healthier
  • No side effect


  • None, but maybe it would be better if it comes in to-go version for active/busy people.

Obviously, I will continue to consume this drink because it gives lot of good benefits to my body, so I encourage you to try this too and join the 14 Days Program Challenge – Glow Up With Byunest For Your Beauty Inside! I know we still need skincare, we need to maintain healthy lifestyle, but adding this bird nest collagen drink would be a great advantage to our body!

Special thanks to Jakarta Beauty Blogger :)

Rate: 5 out of 5

Price: IDR 400.000 (around $28) / 14 sachets

BYUNEST Official Instagram: @byunest.id

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