Nutribullet 500W : Best Personal Blender For Busy Lifestyle

If we are connected in Instagram , you must have realized how much I love making my own smoothie since the pandemic last year because whenev...

If we are connected in Instagram, you must have realized how much I love making my own smoothie since the pandemic last year because whenever I make smoothie bowl I always post it on my Instagram Story. That's how much I love smoothie: it's full of nutrients, fresh, yummy, and of course healthy - thanks to Nalu Bowls who introduced me to this wonderful breakfast menu. However, since I came back to work at office again last August I almost have no time to make smoothie because of the busy schedule - even on the weekends! I understand that my working time is overwhelming, that's why I have to balance it with a good workout and healthy lifestyle.

Recently, I've been introduced by Jakarta Beauty Blogger team about a smart blender from a well-known USA brand, Nutribullet 500W. Such a coincidence I know! I almost forgot how the taste of my smoothie though so when I got this on my hand, I was beyond excited to try it as soon as possible and I guess it's a perfect time for me to come back to my good-old-habit! 

Keep scrolling to get to know more about this product and my super easy, yummy smoothie recipe!

What it is :

Nutribullet helps the process of providing multi-nutrient food by extracting fruits, veggies, protein, nuts etc into superfood. It has blunt edges knife that works vertically which will not destroy the nutrition. The power and speed of Nutribullet's driving motor makes smoothie making process easier and faster (less than 60secs). 

NUTRIBULLET 500W specification :

  • 500 Watt Motor Base
  • Extractor Blade
  • 700 ml BPA-Free Cup
  • Available in Pink and Teal

Guarantee Card

Equipped with User Guide and Pocket Nutritionist

Extractor Blade

How To Use Icon

My smoothie texture

How to blend my smoothie using Nutribullet 500W :

  1. Fill ingredients (half frozen red dragon fruit, sliced lemon) into cup size.
  2. Add water or coconut water up to the MAX line.
  3. Twist Extractor Blade onto cup and hand tighten to make sure the vessel has been sealed securely.
  4. Press the vessel blade side-down onto the Power Base. Press down and twist to the left to extract for about 30 secs.
  5. Turn off the Nutribullet blender by twisting in the right direction to release tabs and stop pressing down the cup.
  6. Add on some toppings ( I added pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, dried cranberries and raisins), VOILA!

Resealable Lid


I've been replacing my previous blender with Nutribullet ever since I tried it for the first time. Not because I don't like my previous blender, but Nutribullet helps me to meet expectation of how the perfect smoothie texture looks like. It blends very well in just around 30 seconds and it creates thick, smooth yet juicy smoothie texture. It doesn't ruin the taste of the fruits at all and I can just replace the extractor blade lid with resealable lid and it becomes smoothie to-go! It doesn't leave any fruit dreg and the cup size suits for up to two portion of smoothie. This blender is easy to clean with dishwashing soap and easy to store because of its decent size.


  • Decent size with super stylish design
  • Sturdy bottle and multifunction (for blending and bottle cup)
  • Powerful stainless steel extractor blade that extracts ingredients perfectly
  • Doesn't destroy food nutrition
  • Easy to clean
  • Leaving no fruit/veggie dreg
  • Able to create perfect smoothie texture in very short time (around 30 seconds)
  • Able to make up to two smoothie portions
  • Slightly pricey as personal blender

This blender becomes my favorite everyday smoothie maker! I love how easy to use this product and perfect as to-go bottle as well. I would definitely recommend this blender to you who have busy schedule because this blender would help us to remain healthy lifestyle with super short time!

By the way, you can find this stylish blender in Nutribullet official store at Shopee and Tokopedia,, and nearest organic store around you!

Rate : 5 out of 5

Price : IDR  1.099.900 (around $75)

NUTRIBULLET Indonesia Official Instagram :

Have you had Nutribullet product in your home too? How do you think about it?

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