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When you think about wedding dresses, you probably immediately think about old fashioned, traditional dresses that haven't changed much ...

When you think about wedding dresses, you probably immediately think about old fashioned, traditional dresses that haven't changed much over the past few decades. But recently, that has started to change- nowadays, there are plenty of new styles and looks for brides looking to spice up their weddings. One style that is particularly popular is the Lolita wedding dress. For a lot of new brides, this has become the dress of choice. If you are looking for a Lolita dress to buy, check out this gorgeous, short white Lolita dress.

This dress-and the way that it is styled-is the perfect example of the classic Lolita style. It has plenty of ruffles that keep it from just being a boring old white dress; ruffles like this give the dress a ton of depth and texture. It also has bows, which are a must for a Lolita look. They add a splash of color in spots and add to the overall structure of the dress; the A-shape their arranged in emphasizes the shape of the dress and adds a little eye candy to the look. And unlike other dresses, it isn't overly long or heavy. Sure, it has a slight tail at the back, but the material is so thin you might as well not be wearing it at all. And the length is a good alternative to a traditional floor-length dress. So if you're looking for another option for your wedding dress, this is a great option. It'll turn your wedding day into the fantasy that you deserve!


But, as with any style, it isn't defined by just one article of clothing. After all, you won't just be wearing the dress on your wedding day- you have the accessories to consider as well! Accessories are some of the defining pieces in the Lolita style, so let's take a look at a few accessories that you will need with your Lolita dress.

There are a ton of accessories to choose from here, and while it may seem overwhelming at first, they can easily be broken down into a few distinct categories. The first are bracelet and ring sets like this:

This can give your outfit a real vintage feel, which is crucial to the Lolita style. The locket on the wrist especially gives that feeling; it wouldn't look out of place in a 19th century period piece- that means it's perfect for your wedding day ensemble! Similarly, necklaces and headpieces can add a lot to your look. They can really take it to the next level, and don't be shy or try to hold back. The whole point of Lolita fashion is to be a little over the top, so why not go all the way? If you're looking for a combination set, this Wedding Cat Series White Rose Pearl Chain White Lace Lolita Hair Band could be the way to go:

Since most Lolita dresses you can buy are short- normally above the knee or shorter- you will have a lot of room to experiment with different styles of tights and stockings. Lolita socks can add a lot of variety to your wedding day look, and once again, you have plenty of options. If you want to take the dainty, delicate route, you can pick lace knee high stockings that will blend in well with the kind of short, white, wedding dress Lolita look we looked at earlier. Or, if you want your legs to stand out from the rest of your outfit, you can always go with black striped knee high stockings. These can add a lot of contrast to your look that can really make your outfit very interesting. Check out the link for more options:


So now that you've thought about your dress and the accessories that you will pair it with, it is time to top off your look with the perfect makeup for the occasion. This is the final step that will tie your wedding dress, Lolita accessories, and shoes together into one coherent look. But figuring out the right makeup for an outfit-especially one as important as your wedding dress- isn't always easy. A little planning goes a long way, though, so let's look at an example dress and go over what type of makeup would go best with it.

This is basically a classic Lolita dressIt has all the core qualities- short length, ruffles, lace textures, and an intricate headpiece. But what style of makeup will go best with it? While the Lolita style isn't known for it's minimalism, it also isn't common to find overly bright or garish makeup with these types of outfits. It might not be a bad idea to go with a softer color, such as this makeup set.

This is a great option for your wedding day eye shadow, particularly if you go with a Lolita style dress. This eye shadow set gives you plenty of color, mostly in warm shades of red and yellow. So while you will have plenty of vibrant options for your eye shadow, nothing will be too bright or overpowering. This is perfect for a Lolita look, because it will give your features a doll-like appearance if you use it right. But your options are practically endless when it comes to makeup, so click Lolitain Fashion for more options.


Preparing for a wedding is probably one of the most stressful things you can do; there really isn't a way around that. But remember that it is supposed to be a joyful day. Picture it: you have the perfect dress. It's delicate, with plenty of lacy trim, and your accessories match it to a T. Your make up is flawless and the whole night goes off without a hitch. That doesn't have to be a dream- it is right within your reach! A perfect Lolita wedding just takes a little planning and consideration, but the work will certainly pay off, and your dream wedding dress could just be a few clicks away.  

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  1. Wow, these pieces are so unique! I love the accessories. They definitely make a statement!

  2. I am absolutely in LOVE with that elegant pure white lace short style classic Lolita sling wedding dress - The airy flared frilly design, the delicate looking fabric, the tiered ruffles, bows, and wonderfully ultra-feminine details all look very very pretty. The complementary jewellery and accessories all look extremely pretty as well.

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  3. I love this style so much!
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  4. perfect wedding day, beautiful dress, with plenty of lacy trim.
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