My Secret To Achieve Glowing Skin (No Skincare Product Required)

As full time designer who also work as fashion and beauty content creator, appearance is one of the major thing that I need to take care of....

As full time designer who also work as fashion and beauty content creator, appearance is one of the major thing that I need to take care of. It doesn't mean I have to be super pretty or dazzling but at least I have to look prime all the time. I know it may sounds fun to work in this industry but frankly it is not easy, especially to maintain healthy skin. I have tried and collaborate with variants of skincare and makeup brands, some are okay but some others cause trouble to my skin - not because of the bad quality, but you know, each of us has different skin and personal reaction to certain chemicals, right? That's why whenever I get skin breakout, I always go back to my super simple tips and tricks to achieve healthy, glowing skin (with no skincare required!) Curious? Ok, it's time to reveal them for the first time!

1. Use Raw Honey For As Face Mask

I often use raw honey as face mask at least once a week to maintain skin firmness - but when I get skin break out I stop all skincare and treat my skin with raw honey. Raw honey known really good to speed up skin cells' healing processes so it can reduce inflammation, calm down redness or acnes faster. I apply it every night after cleansing and I leave it for about 30 minutes until an hour, then rinse with lukewarm water. I repeat it every day until my skin gets much better.

Disclaimer: make sure to do patch test just in case if you're allergy to raw honey.

2. Drink More Water

I am a total water drinker. Wherever I go or dine outside, I prefer water over other drinks (tea is an exception). I feel it's the easiest thing to do to keep myself hydrated, that's why I always carry water bottle everywhere I go. I prefer to bring water bottles with times to drink 64 oz like what I found at Amazon. It has time reminder on the bottle so it makes us aware to drink our water on time. I think it’s very practical, especially for whole day activity. Well, although we should not expect instant result, drinking more water (and on time) is slowly not just making our skin hydrated but it can also prevent acne and premature aging.

3. Ice Cube Treatment

You probably familiar with this traditional skincare trick. I like to rub my skin with ice cube in the morning to wake up my skin but apparently there are so many benefits of ice cube for our skin if we apply correctly. It makes my skin glow instantly, soothe acne, reduces dark circle because ice can improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation.

Disclaimer: if you have sensitive skin, do not apply the ice directly onto face. It’s better to wrap it with towel or cloth while applying in circular motion.

So, those are my secrets to achieve healthier, glowing skin that always work. 

Have you tried any of them? Let me know in comments :)

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  1. Keep drinking more water every day, can make the body thinner, more beautiful
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  3. Banyak minum air putih , manfaatnya terasa banget💖💖

  4. karna tubuh kita sebagian cairan emg harus di jaga supya gak hydrasi ya kak
    btw makasi nih tips kulit glow nya :)

  5. Iya bener banget ci air putih itu manfaatnya banyak banget terutama buat kulit, aku juga sudah membuktikannya sendiri hasilnya buat kulit jadi kenyal , lembab dan glowing apalagi ditambah makan buah & sayur pasti tambah josss lagi hasilnya😊



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