How To Stay Fit While Staying At Home

Staying at home whole day long these past few weeks can only cause two things to our body: getting healthier or getting heavier. If yo...

Staying at home whole day long these past few weeks can only cause two things to our body: getting healthier or getting heavier. If you already concerned about health and keep doing routine work out during #physicaldistancing , then it's good. But, if staying at home makes you keep munching either snacks or heavy meal in bigger portion, then you have to be aware. Based on my own experience, work from home makes me less productive because I rarely walk, keep staring at my laptop almost whole day long, and I started to have snacks while working. That's dangerous! I know. I can feel that I'm chubbier, heavier than before and my legs seem to be weaker. Do you feel the same? 

Hence, early this week I decided to work out again. Although it's quite hard to do my own work out (without friends at gym) and using only app in App Store, it feels good to start from beginning (rather than never). However, I can't get my 40+ kgs body back instantly, I know it needs process. Besides working out regularly, there are some simple tips that I do to stay fit while staying at home, hope this helps!

You are what you eat. As for me, I have more portion of veggies and fruits, less meat ( I know have chicken and fish, I almost never have red meat anymore ). I also avoid fried stuffs and junk food, replace rice to oatmeal, and decrease my sugar intake.

Drink lot of water is a yes for sure, but herbal drink is also very good to make our bodies stay fit and increase our immune as well. I love drinking ginger soup and curcumin to boost up my immune. You can make it on your own as well.

Never say no to work out. I know it's not easy to gain mood to work out while at home. But I believe we all can spare 7 minutes to work out everyday, couldn't we ? Simply download any fitness app from your phone and do it every morning after wake up. Most of them are free if we only need to maintain our body with no certain goal. The result is quite awesome though. All we need to have is willing to say YES!

I know it sometimes torturing, but it's one of the simplest thing to do to maintain our body. I know we have our own way to control our appetite, but what I do is this : wearing waist trainer for women. It is not same as corset but has similar function. Waist trainer usually being used when I work out because the material is more flexible and soft, also adjustable. Whenever I wear it, I feel like I can control my appetite because it feels like the room for meal is being pressed and I feel full enough.

Other option, if you feel like want to control your thigh area, you can also wear thigh trimmer while doing work out for leg day. Since I am more concern on my tummy area, so I would prefer to wear waist trainer instead.

Well, some people think this shape wear is not necessary, but actually it slowly can make a difference to our body. All we need is being consistent and persistent to achieve certain goal, especially health goal. So if you feel like it, you can find more collection of best shapewear at Shappelx.

I understand that condition is getting worse these days, but let's train our mind, heart, and soul to stay positive all the time although it's not easy. Let's believe that it's going to be over real soon and keep productive :)

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  1. These are wonderful suggestions! Now that I am home, I am working out 5-6 times per week. One of my favourite trainers is doing live workouts each day on Facebook, so that has really helped me to stay motivated!
    the creation of beauty is art.

  2. Wahhh thank u ka for sharing 😍 ini bermanfaat parahh

  3. Wahh ini nice info bgt cii😍💕 bermanfaat bgt di kondisi pandemi skrg .. biar kita ttp sehat



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