Best And Affordable Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

It feels like yesterday we just entered 2021 and now it's almost the end of January - which means Valentine's day is just less than ...

It feels like yesterday we just entered 2021 and now it's almost the end of January - which means Valentine's day is just less than a month away! Between excited and baffled because I actually have no one to date for Valentine's day (I wish I had, lol). However, Valentine's day is not just couples though, we still can celebrate it with our beloved ones for example, parents, sisters, close friends, etc. This year too, although I probably going to celebrate this special day with family and friends whose most of them are women, I am excited to look for Valentine's day gifts for them. Most likely I will prefer something wearable, inexpensive, but also worth the quality and the most suitable thing that comes first in my mind is women shoes

I just believe that every woman deserves nice footwear to take them to beautiful places, or at least cozy places for now because I also feel that good shoes somehow can lift up my mood (remember what people said about "good shoes take you to good places"). That is why, when I scrolled around Shoessee's I got lot ideas of footwear items that I can buy as gift for them. Check out some of my Valentine's Day gift ideas which are not only cute but they are under $30!

1. House Slippers
Do you realized that house slipper is one of Spring Summer 21's fashion trend? You can see it from some huge brands such as The Row, Tod's, and Khaite. Anyway, we can just adjust it a little bit until it meets our personal budget, right? From cozy-fluffy slippers to mules, here are some of my house slipper favorites!

1. Strap Home Slipper ($19.74) // 2. White Slipper ($22.78)

2. Day To Night Sneakers
Sneakers are the most versatile shoes that suit for anyone, no matter how simple or extravagant the style that you have. Sneaker might be a perfect Valentine gift if you don't really know your special person's fashion taste (although you supposedly know), or if you're looking for something more basic yet stylish. When it comes to gift, I suggest to opt for neutral tone instead of bold or fashion color.

1. Classic White Sneakers ($25.05) // 2. Pink Woven Sneakers ($29.22)

3. Flat Sandals
I can't imagine my life without flat sandals. Although it considered as 'boring staple', we always need at least a pair of it - for walking dog, go to grocery, and especially during summer time (yeah I know it might be too early but you know time goes so fast). You can choose between strap sandals or thong sandals, as long as you pick minimalist sandals and feel suit for the one who receive it, you're all set!

1. Strap Sandals ($19.70) // 2. Velvet Ankle Strap Sandals ($27.11)

Now, kindly let me know which one you prefer as your ideal Valentine's gift :)

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  1. Oh yes I love NYX, they have so many beautiful products =) Especially the lip creams are nice.

    Beautiful shoes =) I like the rose sneakers, they're cute.

    1. Soft pink is definitely suits for feminine lady like you Yasmina <3

  2. These shoes look very beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.

    New Post -

  3. Thanks for sharing these gift ideas! I love the fluffy slippers!
    Julia x

    1. I also admire it since few years ago but never really buy it yet, well, maybe it's time to get a pair! :)

  4. These are all great ideas especially it's pandemic. I prefer giving or receiving house slippers, the one that has cute fluffy and furry animal in front <3 >u<

    beyond beneath

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