What To Do During Social Distancing

Social distancing maybe difficult for some people, especially for an extrovert like me. However we have to respect and obey the governm...

Social distancing maybe difficult for some people, especially for an extrovert like me. However we have to respect and obey the government rules due to COVID-19 virus and also for the sake of our goodness. I've been quite social distancing for these past few days and now I am get used to it. I even find some joy by doing it because I can be more productive with my online work and also treasure more of interests and find new hobby. Hence, I am going to share some ideas that you can try immediately while social distancing.

1. Reading Self-Improvement Book
I've been reading lot of books lately and I found it very relaxing. I read book every morning after wake up and night before sleeping regularly. Since I'm really into self-improvement books, I feel like whenever I read book, I feel energized and motivated, also less-stress. Here are some books that I have read lately and I am pretty sure you will love them too because it doesn't take much time to finish them all.

To cope with problem and deal with change that continually happens in life.

To give you encourage while achieving dream and never lose hope.

Thin book that gives you lot of insight that leads you to think out of the box.

To accept ourselves then grow to be the better version of us. Gary John Bishop brings a unique way of writing that 'slaps' you right on your face and feels like you want to do something better in your life.

To push your creativity and brings color more into your life.

2. House Cleaning
During busy days at work, I almost have no time to clean my house completely, thus this is a perfect timing to clean up and arrange house, put some decoration, change the wardrobe - because it's quite therapeutic as well. However, don't forget to put mask on for virus-protection.

3. Cooking
It's quite difficult to go to restaurant these days so sometimes I order food online while it also doesn't guarantee the hygiene as well. So I explore more of food recipe that I usually find at Cookpad and it's so much fun! It brings lot of joy when it tastes delicious! If not, well, at least I tried and there's always another time to cook better.

4. Practicing DIY
Although I am not a DIY expert, but this activity makes me feel more productive. I can turn on my creativity by creating my own accessory ( since I am really into accessory ) or even making my own hand sanitizer. Friend of mine said it's pretty easy to make, we just need alcohol 70% combined with aloe vera gel, then add essential oil for the scent. Hmm, sounds fun!

5. Shopping Online
As we suggested to not going to public places, it would be hard to go to mall for shopping. That's why I spend lot of time searching for some outfit ideas for upcoming summer (well, I am quite positive this pandemic will be over before summer). Here I found some cute swimsuit from Dresslily that might makes you forget about the problem for a while and imagine of a beautiful summer paradise. You can also use DLBF20 for 20% off discount :
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Actually there's still a lot things to do during social distancing. I become more productive on blogging and doing my online project as well. I guess there's always blessing in disguise, don't you think so ?

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  1. So many wonderful tips! I have been trying to catch up on a lot of my creative projects and reading as much as possible.
    the creation of beauty is art.


  2. Awesome post! What blogger template are you using?

  3. My bank is crying I did so much online shopping LOL

    Hugs from NYC

  4. I'm reading some books too at the moment!
    style frontier

  5. Such a great post! Stay safe and healthy!
    xx- Nina

  6. Great tips dear. Cooking is definitely a great way to bond with the whole family, especially with the kids.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  7. it’s awesome. I really enjoyed your post!

  8. Kalau kayaa gni emngg nggk bakal bosen lama lama dirumahh, produktiiff bngt kak chelsea😍😍

  9. Tipsnya menarik” bgt ciii😍❤️❤️



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