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I believe the most important part of makeup is from the eyes. Hence, to enhance the look of eye makeup until 32% ( like they usually sa...

I believe the most important part of makeup is from the eyes. Hence, to enhance the look of eye makeup until 32% ( like they usually said ), I often put on false eyelashes. False lashes are more like holy grail for me because even without eyeliner or eye shadow, false lashes can really do the job well, who's with me ? That's why I always concern about eyelash quality and of course I have tried so many eyelash brands from international until local brands. There are some of eyelash brands that I really love and keep using them until now - and Blink Charm is one of the best that I've tried. This is no joke because I have used their brand since 2 years ago ( I use Sweet Classic variant ) and they never disappoint me. Lucky, Clozette Indonesia chose me to try these Blink Charm eyelashes and now I am so ready to reveal all variants of Blink Charm eyelashes to all of my readers, keep scrolling please !

What it is :
Made from premium grade material with international standard production, Blink Charm lashes are very safe and comfortable because they are super lightweight ( 0.01 gram only ), lashes band is flexible ergonomic, means it can follow eyelid curved line. It's also reusable until 8-12 times.

How to use : 
1. Use tweezers to remove lashes from the tray, trim the outer edge of lash if it's too long.
2. Apply thin line of lash glue along the seam of lashes. Hold for 30 seconds until glue becomes tacky.
3. Look slightly downward and place the seam of lashes as close to lash line as possible. Press the lashes gently along the lash line for few seconds to make sure they adhere.

Variants : 
- Sweet Classic #5
- Sensual Curls #7
- Natural Flair #5
- Sexy Volume #3

Natural eyelashes that suit for daily makeup look.

For cute, Korean makeup look that enhance the upper eyes very well.

Long lashes with thicker part at bottom. These lashes are obviously seen and make my eyes look wider and longer than ever.

Thicker lashes ( and lash band ) that suit for party or any occasional event, perfect for dramatic makeup.

Cute, colorful lashes packaging that looks expensive, comes with lash glue as well. Direction is written in English.

Made from 100% natural hair that is very soft and lightweight.

I have tried all of the variants and all of them are really comfortable and long lasting indeed. I use variant Sweet Classic and Sensual Curls for almost one day long and they're still on the place without falling off and I can use it until 10 times plus. It's very easy to apply because the band is very thin, except Sexy Volume #3 since it's thicker than others. The length of the lashes is also decent because it just perfectly fit with my eyelash line so I don't need to cut the lashes. I have no doubt with the lash glue as well because it dries pretty quick and able to hold the lashes for long time. I don't quite like the scent actually, but it's not really a big deal for me.

- Cute packaging
- Comes in many variant ( from natural to dramatic )
- Lightweight and very soft, made from natural hair
- Decent lash length
- Easy to apply
- Reusable until 10 times plus ( depends on after care treatment )
- Lash glue is able to hold lashes for long period without falling off

- Lash glue scent is quite strange

Overall, I love Blink Charm eyelashes so much! I really have no doubt with the good quality of their lashes though, since 2 years ago until now. No wonder that they got various awards as best eyelashes brand from Shopee, Cleo Beauty Hall of Fame, Hello Beauty, etc, becomes official partner of national and/or global events such as Jakarta Fashion Week, Puteri Indonesia, so on - and also being used by tons of beauty enthusiasts, celebrities, and influencers. Fyi, since the lash band is very thin, we can also layer and combine the lashes easily. Sweet Classic and Natural Flair would look good to be used together, don't you think so ?

Among these 4 variants, which one is your favorite ?
Let me know in comment :)

Rate : 5 out of 5 ( highly recommended )
Price : IDR 45.000 ( around $3.20 )

BLINK CHARM Official Instagram : @blinkcharm
CLOZETTE INDONESIA Official Instagram : @clozetteID

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