[REVIEW] Mamonde Floral Hydro Narcissus Line - Ultimate Skincare For Dry Skin

I always obsessed with flower extract when it comes to skincare ingredient, not just because of the pleasant floral scent, but it is u...

I always obsessed with flower extract when it comes to skincare ingredient, not just because of the pleasant floral scent, but it is usually really good to moisturize and hydrate my super dry skin. Thus, this time I am going to spoil you with my recent skincare products, Floral Hydro Line, Narcissus Series, from Korean famous brand, MAMONDE, that might suit well for dry skin survivors. Keep scrolling to get to know more about these products :)

What it is :
Mamonde, a brand which always use flowers as the main ingredient of their products, comes with Floral Hydro Line – Narcissus, the flower that full of vitality until early summer with moisture that get stored in the bulbs throughout the winter. Mamonde discovered its secret to moisture by studying “Narcissus Dutch Master”, which has excellent moisturizing effect, and “Narcissus Erlicheer”, which produces several blossoms from a single flower stalk. This series is added with low molecular Hyaluronic Acid to the secret of moisture, found in narcissus bulbs, adding vitality to the skin while reducing dryness.

Comes with 4 types of products:
Flower Hydro Ampoule toner, Flower Hydro Emulsion, Flower Hydro Cream, Flower Hydro Mist.


What it is :
Hydrating ampoule toner that replenishes dry skin with moisture equivalent to the level of daily ampoule use.

How to use :
Pour sufficient amount  on hands, then apply all over face and neck.  Gently dap until it absorbs into the skin.

Review :
Sturdy tube bottle that comes with pump is definitely my favorite. This ampoule toner has lightweight, watery gel texture with soft, pleasant floral scent. I only need 2-3 pumps to cover all around my face and neck. It absorbs into skin pretty quickly and doesn’t leave any sticky feeling as well. After using this ampoule toner, I can feel my skin feels so fresh, soft, and hydrated.

Sturdy tube bottle with pump.
- Watery gel texture with pleasant scent.
- Quickly absorbs into skin without sticky feeling.
- Freshen, soften, hydrating skin.

CONS : None.

Rate : 4 out of 5
Price : IDR 275.000 ( around $19.30 ) / 150mL


What it is :
A hydrating, balancing emulsion that instantly moisturizes dry skin with ultra hydrating application and adhesive absorption.

How to use :
Dispense a small amount onto hand and gently apply onto face starting from nose outward. Use it daily in the morning and evening after ampoule toner.

Review :
Just like the ampoule toner, this emulsion also comes in tube bottle with pump. Texture wise, it’s slightly dense and creamy, milky with soft, pleasant floral scent. Unlike the ampoule toner that quickly absorbs into the skin, this emulsion needs quite some time to finally absorbs – but I only need 2 pumps to apply entire face and neck, which is very economic. It slightly sticky but it’s still bearable. I like how it can make my skin feels fresh, dewy, and moist after all.

Sturdy bottle with pump.
- Soft, pleasant floral scent.
- Economic, only need 2 pumps to apply entire face and neck.
- Fresh, moist result.

Needs few minutes for it to completely absorb into skin.

Rate : 3.5 out of 5
Price : IDR 275.000 ( around $19.30 ) / 150 mL


What it is :
Gel cream with refreshing texture that captures and provides long-lasting moisturization.

How to use :
Dispense a small amount onto hand and gently apply all over face and neck. Use it for daily care in the morning as non-greasy, light cream – and for special care at night as moisturizing sleeping pack.

Review :
This cream jar is sturdy and safely sealed. I was surprised when I opened the cover, the product is so full until it’s almost spill out. I really like the light, creamy texture of this moisturizer – and the scent is just like the other Flower Narcissus product, very soft and pleasant.  Although it can’t absorb into skin quickly but I like how it doesn’t make my skin feels greasy because it’s not sticky at all. It gives natural dewy effect to my skin and very hydrating indeed. However, if it comes with a spatula to take the product, it would be perfect to me.

Sturdy and safely sealed.
- Contains lot of product.
- Light, creamy texture with pleasant scent.
- Not sticky at all.
- Natural dewy effect, very hydrating.

- Doesn’t come with spatula.

Rate : 4.75 out of 5
Price : IDR 335.000 ( around $23.60 ) / 50mL


What it is :
Fast-working mist that instantly hydrates when sprayed on dry skin and help to maintain skin moisture.

How to use :
Gently spray over entire face with eyes closed from a distance of about 30 cm whenever skin gets dry. Can also be used  with makeup on.

Review :
Unlike other Floral Hydro products that made from acrylic, this mist spray made from light plastic bottle. It’s quite difficult to spray at first, but after several times it’s just OK. I guess the spray pump hole is quite big so the product can’t be spread evenly. I use this product before applying skincare and after washing my face. I like the lightweight-watery, pleasant floral scent and it quickly absorbs into skin as well, freshen and hydrating enough for my skin.

Lightweight, watery with pleasant floral scent.
- Quickly absorbs into the skin.
- Freshen and hydrating skin.

CONS : None

Rate : 3.5 out of 5

Price : IDR 220.000 ( around $15.50 ) / 120mL

My skin condition in the morning after using Mamonde Floral Hydro Series

Overall, I really like this skincare series as it can level up the moisture for my face and it’s very hydrating. Among those 4 products, I would say I really recommend the cream because although it comes in cream form, it’s very light and refreshing! I will keep using this skincare series for sure – and if you want to try them too, simply direct to Sephora and Shopee because they’re available there :)

Special thanks to Beautynesia for the chance.

MAMONDE Official Global Website : www.mamonde.com
MAMONDE Indonesia Official Instagram : @mamondeindonesia
MAMONDE Indonesia Official Facebook : Mamonde Indonesia


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