[REVIEW] Avoskin Perfect Hydrating Treatment Essence

These days, this product from Indonesia's local skincare brand,  AVOSKIN  - Perfect Hydrating Treatment Essence (PHTE) becomes vi...

These days, this product from Indonesia's local skincare brand, AVOSKIN - Perfect Hydrating Treatment Essence (PHTE) becomes viral among beauty bloggers and almost all of them said that this essence works like magic for their skin. As dry skin survivor, of course I wanted to try it so bad, especially because of the word "hydrating". Lucky me, I got chance to try this through Surabaya Beauty Blogger hence I want to share my experience using this Avoskin's best-selling product with you all. Let's start scrolling!

What it is :
Perfect Hydrating Treatment Essence (PHTE) enriched with superior ingredients like Ascorbic Acid (ETVC), chamomile extract, carrot oils, and rosehip oil that helps to maintain freshness, skin moisture,  brighten up skin and reduce wrinkles. It also contains ALCOHOL - but unlike other alcohol, this fatty alcohol used as 'carrying agent' to help product absorption and effective to soften skin.

How to use :
Pour sufficient amount of PHTE onto cotton puff or palms, pat gently onto skin until it completely absorbed. Apply every day and night after face cleansing.

Comes in 2 sizes : 30mL and 100mL.

See through, matte, sturdy glass bottle that comes with paper box. The box is securely sealed with hologram sticker and plastic wrap. Bottle hole is also safely secured with hole cover, but the hole size is too small hence it's quite difficult to pour the product.

Watery yet quite dense texture with hint of rose fragrance and slightly strong alcohol scent.

I've been using this product for several days at morning and night before bed - to really see the effect of the product, I use it alone without any other skincare product. As you can see from the picture above, there's small acne on my cheek indeed ( left picture ), then the next morning the acne becomes more obvious. After several days usage, the acne becomes double and bigger ! Then I re-read the ingredients of this product over and over again until I can come with conclusion that its alcohol and ethyl ascorbic acid (one type of vitamin C) not suitable for my skin because my skin barely can bear alcohol and vitamin C. However, I can tell that the product absorbs into skin pretty quick, soften my skin, and brighten up my dull skin.

- Luxury, safely sealed glass bottle packaging
- Quickly absorbed into skin
- Soften skin
- Brighten up dull skin

- Quite hard to pour the product because of the small hole size
- Strong alcohol scent
- Trigger my skin to breakout

This was beyond my expectation to be honest. I expected it to give glow and hydration to my dry skin, but actually it's not. It triggers my skin to breakout and now I need to go back with raw honey mask to calm down my skin, thankfully it's getting better now. I don't blame the product of course because it's still give some good points to my skin but I guess it's just not for me - since my skin is too sensitive with alcohol and vitamin C as skincare ingredients.

Rate : 2.75 out of 5
Price : IDR 129.000 / 30mL ( around $9.20 ) , IDR 289.000 / 100mL ( around $20.5 )

AVOSKIN's official website : www.avoskin.com
AVOSKIN's official instagram : @avoskinbeauty

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4 Comment

  1. So sad about the reaction! I have super sensitive skin and I get reactions to lots of products!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  2. Oh, what a shame! Skin care products can definitely be tricky. There have been so many that have caused me to break out or have a reaction so I tend to stick to items that I know work for me.

  3. Awww so sad about the reaction. I have sensitive skin and get reactions often.
    xx- Nina

  4. Nice to know about this product line, I like the look of the bottle, too bad it triggered you to break out.




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