[REVIEW] Seolreim Cosmetic Blooming Cell Dual Effect Mask - RED

For me, sheet mask is fastest way to enhance skin health and very travel-friendly. There are types of sheet mask from so many brands th...

For me, sheet mask is fastest way to enhance skin health and very travel-friendly. There are types of sheet mask from so many brands that I have tried and almost all of them are okay for me. This time, I want to introduce you with BLOOMING CELL DUAL EFFECT MASK from Korean brand, Seolreim Cosmetic - that claims it's not just an usual sheet mask. From the packaging, I can roughly tell that this sheet mask is not just to hydrate skin but also to repair skin, but what is the specialty of this product that makes it unique ? Let's just get to know more :)

What it is :
Blooming Cell Dual Effect Mask made from premium mask sheet contains 35 ml of highly enriched milky essence that able to strengthen skin barrier because of its ceramide abstract. 

Consists of 3 variants :
BLUE - moisturizing ( for dry skin )
GREEN - brightening ( for dull skin )
RED - improving elasticity ( for anti-wrinkle skin )

How to use :
1. Wash face with no makeup residue.
2. Sooth skin with toner.
3. Place mask sheet over face.
4. Leave it for 10-20 minutes and let skin absorbs the essence well.

Remaining essence

Left : Skin condition right after using sheet mask.
Right : Skin condition the next morning after using sheet mask.

Sheet mask with lot of essence. Simple design that dominated with red and white, all the direction and ingredients are written in Korean.

Soft, thick cotton sheet mask with decent, pleasant scent.

My mom, sister, and I are using this mask and we all like it. Just like how I usually use sheet mask, I put it on fridge afterwards I can feel the cooling effect of the mask, so calming indeed! The size of the mask is slightly too big for my face but it's still fine and I don't need to worry while putting this mask on my face since it's thick enough so it won't teared easily. The essence is also way too much until I can use remaining essence for neck and body - plus it's not sticky at all. The effect of this mask for my skin are indeed very moisturizing and hydrating. As you can see from the picture above, right after using the mask, my skin looks so soft and the next morning, it looks glowing and brighter. Although I don't experience any breakout on this mask, but honestly I can't really notice the effect of improving elasticity of this product, plus, it's quite pricey for sheet mask.

- Won't teared easily
- So much essence
- Not sticky at all
- Moisturizing, relaxing, and hydrating
- Brighten up face

- Can't really see the effect of "improving elasticity"
- Quite pricey ( IDR 311.000 / around $22 for 5 sheet masks )

I highly recommend to use this mask at night right after full makeup day because it's super relaxing and calming for our tired skin. Well, I also understand that it may be quite pricey compared to other masks, however if you want to try this mask, you can head to my CHARIS shop and get special deal for this Blooming Cell Dual Effect Mask, you won't regret it believe me :)

Rate : 3.5 out of 5
Price : IDR 311.000 ( around $22 ) / 5 sheet masks, special price from my link : IDR 270.000 ( around $19 )

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