[REVIEW] Self Beauty Glam Up Moisturizing Glow Up Tint

Another lip product review all the way from Korea (again) - SELF BEAUTY , with its colorful-contemporary trademark design that is very ...

Another lip product review all the way from Korea (again) - SELF BEAUTY, with its colorful-contemporary trademark design that is very captivating my attention and their fancy lip tint, Glam Up Moisturizing Glow Up Tint that claims it's the combination between lip tint + lip gloss + lipstick. I understand some of you might not know about this brand yet since it's quite new compared to others, however Korean brands almost never fail when it comes to lip tint though, so why don't you just keep reading the review until the end ? Probably you'll love it :)

What it is :
A lip tint infused with moisturizing ingredients that glides stained the lips. It has smooth-hydrating glide ability with non-sticky; elegant shine finish, long lasting, contains lip care ingredient, and comes with super trendy vibrant colors.

Consists of 5 shades :
01-Cherry Tomato
02- Tangerin Tango
03-Strawberry Ice

 Wiped with tissue

Torture Test - After 6 hours with drinking & eating

Black rectangle-shaped lip tint that comes with fancy paper box and safely sealed. It has heart shaped doe foot applicator with precise size. However, compared to the applicator size, the hole of this lip tint tube is quite too small so extra effort is needed while opening the tube. All of the description and direction are written in Korean.

Light, watery-slight creamy texture with high pigmentation colors and sweet candy scent.

Since first time application, this lip tint glides smoothly on my lips, one swipe to cover whole lips. The applicator is also soft enough to deliver the product perfectly. Although it needs several while for the product to completely set on the lips, all shades are highly pigmented, especially the most vibrant ones : Cherry Tomato and Crimson. I tell you so because when I tried to remove the lip tint with oil makeup remover, it still stains on my lips, it starts to faded after I rubbed it with lip scrub. Honestly, I can't really feel the hydrating/moisturizing effect of this lip tint because it still makes my lips dry ( fyi, I have super dry lips ), but I like the fresh, healthy-looking, glossy result that gives plump lips effect. This lip tint also has decent staying power. It can stay up to 6 hours with drinking and eating, but only on the inner lips. One thing I just notice about this lip tint : all the shades are only suit for bright skin people.

- Fancy packaging design
- Safely sealed
- Soft doe foot applicator
- One swipe to cover whole lips
- Ultra pigmented color
- Fresh, healthy-looking, glossy result
- Decent staying power

- Makes my lips dry
- Need extra effort to cleanse the product, even with oil makeup remover
- Only suit for bright skin people

Among all the shades, my favorite shade is 03-Strawberry Ice that has peach with hint of pink tone because it suits my skin tone and doesn't look as vibrant as Cherry Tomato and Crimson. I can summarize that this Glam Up Tint is good enough for everyday makeup or Korean makeup look because you can achieve fresh, healthy-looking finish, just please take note to use lip balm before applying this product especially for dry lips survivor like me.

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Rate : 4.25 out of 5
Price : IDR 192.000 ( $13.5 ), special price from my link : IDR 167.000 ( $11.7 )

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  1. Not my colours but the packaging looks so nice :)

  2. These are really adorable colors dear! Love it!
    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  3. Lovely packaging
    Great shades
    My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zorica_miteva/
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  4. I agree with you, Chel. Its more suitable to fair skintone rather than our's even though it all depend on our confidence, lol.

    The one on your last pic looks good one you!



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