[REVIEW] LACOCO Watermelon Glow Mask & COSVIE Woman Hygiene Treatment Essence

Introducing you to beauty care brand based in Indonesia that you might need at the moment,  LACOCO  - a brand that provides beauty ...

Introducing you to beauty care brand based in Indonesia that you might need at the moment, LACOCO - a brand that provides beauty care products formulated with best natural ingredients. I personally know this brand from Clozette and what makes me curious is obviously because of the luxury packaging, plus they use watermelon as their main ingredient for the sleeping mask which is so unique. Well, I am pretty sure it's not just me who wants to know more about them, so let's just get a deeper look into these products !


What it is :
An intensive moisture sleeping mask that purifies with watermelon, seaweed, and banana through the night, to leave skin clear, radiance, and revitalized in the next morning. Watermelon provides vitamin A and has higher water content while banana contains potassium which promotes brightening effect for the skin. It claims that it suits for any skin type.

How to use :
Apply after night skincare evenly and let it sit overnight without washing. Rinse with lukewarm water in the morning.

My Review :
I've been using this sleeping mask routinely and since the first time I used this product, I can feel that this mask works like magic for my skin! It feels like every time I woke up It has light-gel texture with slight watermelon scent that I really adore. It has cooling sensation and quickly absorbs into skin although at first it feels slightly sticky but then it's gone after seconds. As you can see from the Before-After photo above, my skin used to look pale and got some blemishes around mouth area but after using this mask several times ( every two days ) my skin got brighten up a bit, moist, and blemishes are reduced. Do you spot that glow also ?

- Quickly absorbs into skin
- Fresh watermelon scent
- Brighten up skin
- Cooling sensation
- Hydrating & moisturizing
- Reduce blemish
- Suitable for any skin type

- None (it's just perfect!)

Rate : 5 out of 5 ( highly recommended )
Price : IDR 225.000 ( around $16 )


What it is :
Cos-Vie Woman Hygiene Treatment Essence contains lactic acid and manjakani. Lactic acid used for maintaining pH balance while manjakani is good as antiseptic that can overcome and prevent vaginal discharge and itching. Manjakani is also able to tighten muscle walls of the female area. Moreover, it also contains Babassu oil as anti-fungal, aloe vera, and sakura extract.

How to use :
Pour 4-5 pumps onto palm, then apply to the outside area of female area, wait until it completely absorbs. No need to rinse.

My Review :
One major thing that makes me tempted to try this product is all because of the luxury gold metal tube with pump form. At first, it's quite hard to pump the product out so I need a little extra effort to keep pumping the tube, lol. Well, this essence has ligh-watery texture, soft-pleasant floral scent, and not feeling sticky at all when it applied. Fyi, I almost never had any problem about feminine area, so I just can feel that this product cleanse well and easily absorbs into skin. It also eliminates unpleasant smell around feminine area, especially during monthly period. However, for a 50mL size, it's considered as pricey for me.

- Luxury packaging
- Cleanse well
- Soft, pleasant floral scent
- Quickly absorbs into skin
- Doesn't feeling sticky
- Eliminates unpleasant smell

- Hard to pump
- Quite pricey

Rate : 4 out of 5
Price : IDR 275.000 ( around $19.70 )

As Indonesian, I am so proud that recently there are so many local beauty brands that produce high-quality products, even better than international brand - and LACOCO is one of them ( find all the products they have here ). Their glow mask is seriously amazed me and I will definitely use it as my daily routine skin care.

Overall rate : 4.5 out of 5

LACOCO Official Website : www.lacoco.co.id
LACOCO Instagram : @lacoco.id
Clozette Indonesia Official Website : www.clozette.co.id
Clozette Indonesia Instagram : @clozetteid

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  1. Produknya Lacoco emang nyaris perfect ya, aku juga secinta itu sama Lacoco, sayang harganya cukup mahal sih hahaha

  2. This looks like another must-try for me. Gotta check this out. Thanks for sharing dear!

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