[REVIEW] Lapalette Silk Tension Cover Pact SPF50+ / PA+++ (Original White Horse - No.21)

Since the first time I saw this new Korean brand cushion at CHARIS page, I fell in love immediately because of the attractive case (...

Since the first time I saw this new Korean brand cushion at CHARIS page, I fell in love immediately because of the attractive case ( and I bet you'll like it too ). This Silk Tension Cover Pact from Lapalette Beauty comes in 2 luxury case designs that inspired by London style : Golden Night Buckingham and Original White Horse. After a long thought, I decided to get mine in Original White Horse and I am totally satisfied with my decision. However, does this cushion works as wonderful as the packaging design ? Well, let's take a deeper discussion about this product, kindly keep scrolling :)

What it is :
A new concept of cushion pact with the secret recipe of cover found in a concealer and spider silk protein's moisture and elasticity to fill skin, making the skin moisturized and smooth naturally. It contains spider silk protein essence to maintain moisture, elasticity, and smoothness, High-RI Oil Complex to brighten up skin and gives glossy look. 

Consists of 2 shades :
No.21 - Light Beige (Pink Tone) and No.23 - Medium Beige (Beige Tone)

Luxury, well-designed cushion with unique spider web stamps on the sponge and soft, elastic big drop puff that made from neoprene fabric, and mirror. Cushion is safely sealed with paper seal and it comes with glossy silver paper box - ingredients and direction are written in Korean.

Creamy, dense texture with soft, rich fragrance.

Since they have 2 shades only, I was quite confused when I have to decide which color suits me the best. I usually wear shade 21 ( Light Beige ) whenever I purchase cushion but this time the option 21 is for pink tone skin while my skin is warm tone. However, I still go with this shade and wondering how it turns out on my skin - and as you can see from the picture above, I almost look like a ghost indeed. The color looks too pink for my warm tone skin, but the good sides are; it blends into skin easily and only needs a few to cover whole face, skin feels super smooth with great coverage ( it can cover redness and pimples very well! ) so I don't need to put concealer anymore. It has dewy, glowing finish and can stay for around 6 hours before my face starts to oily in the T-zone. 

- Unique, luxury cushion case design
- Safely sealed
- Only need few amount to cover whole face (economic)
- Blends into skin easily
- Smoothen face
- Great coverage ( no need to wear concealer anymore )
- Dewy, glowing finish
- Decent staying power

- Very limited shades option
- Dense texture 
- Quite pricey for a cushion without refill

This cushion would be perfect for people who love dewy, glowing skin with great coverage. I cannot deny that I like this cushion so much and the only thing that annoy me is the wrong color ( how I wish I could turn back the time and chose shade 23 instead ). I will keep using it anyway but I think it would suit for occasional event because of the dense texture and super high coverage formula. 

So, are you tempted enough to try this high-end cushion ? 

Rate : 4 out of 5
Price : IDR 469.000 ( $33.65 ), special price from my link : IDR 408.000 ( $ 29.30 )


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5 Comment

  1. packaging nya lucu banget sih dan itu mengcover gak sih chel?
    untuk harga sih itu cukup mahal ya HAHAHA

    1. Yup, coverage nya oke banget nih Elsa <3.
      Dari segi harga, memang pricey sih yah, tp worth to try loh hihihi

  2. I love the packaging.



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