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Althea Korea back again with more exciting, cute collection : #AltheaABloom series  consists of Mask Pack, Meringue Puffs, and BHA Bl...

Althea Korea back again with more exciting, cute collection : #AltheaABloom series consists of Mask Pack, Meringue Puffs, and BHA Blackhead Blaster. This collection has just been launched last month and seems all Althea fans craves to try these products immediately, including me. Lucky I've been chosen by Althea ( as #AltheaAngels ) to test and review this collection to all readers here who love Korean products as much as I do - so I am just too excited to reveal these products for you. Let's begin the review, shall we ?

These mask packs have strong antioxidant with scent of fruits and natural ingredients from plants that provides custom care solution for each skin type ( hydration, nutrition, whitening, and blemishes ). PH balancing helps strengthen skin barrier also to recharge skin with fresh energy. It claims that the sheet mask made from 100% eco-friendly fabric to deliver the fruit essence.

How to use :
1. Use toner after washing the face.
2. Gently open the pouch on the front side, then apply the mask on face properly - leave it for 10-20 minutes. 
3. Take-off the mask and gently pat the essence to fully absorb into skin. 

After 20 minutes

These mask packs have super cute cover design that I can't resist, consists of 4 types of mask :
- Water-Me-Long (Watermelon Moist Mask) - MOISTURIZING
Watermelon that contains of 92% water and lavender extract that perfect for soothing and moisturizing skin during warm weather.

- Ac-Me-Peach (Peach AC Control Mask) - ACNE PROBLEM
Peach that rich in moisture and vitamin A retinol components that helps control oil and water balance of the skin, tea tree extract to sterilize and take care of trouble spots and pores.

- Avo-Cuddle-Me (Avocado Nourishing Mask) - ANTI AGING & WRINKLE
Avocado that rich in protein to prevent aging and provides strong antioxidant. Contains Antocyanin, antioxidant to prevent skin from aging.

- Sparkle-Me-Bright (Lemon Lime Whitening Mask) - BRIGHTENING
Lemon lime that rich in vitamin C to repair skin from UV. It also contains green tea extract to assist in controlling melanin production and skin care.

As you can see from the pictures above, the mask sheet size is slightly big for my face and sheer ,indeed - but it doesn't teared easily. The essence is quite so much and the first thing I notice when I put the mask on my face is that it gives cooling and relaxing effect although I didn't put the mask in the fridge before. It absorbs into skin pretty quick and doesn't feel sticky at all. I use these masks at night before sleep and the morning after I still can feel the moisturizing and soothing effect of this mask.

- Playful design
- Thin, but doesn't teared easily
- Much essence
- Cooling, relaxing effect
- Absorbs into skin pretty quick

- Sheet mask size slightly too big

Rate : 4 out of 5
Price : IDR 6.000 / around $0.50 ( $3.50 for 10 pieces )

Althea's sponge puffs that inspired by meringue cookies, consists of 2 types of puffs : Giant Meringue Puff ( 1 piece ) and Baby Meringue Puffs ( 3 pieces ). These meringue puffs are made from non-latex sponge with hydrophilic properties which will expand 1.5 times bigger when it soaked in water.

These super cute puffs are really helpful for a perfect makeup result. It has dense yet soft texture that I really like. I use giant puff to apply foundation while for the baby puff I use it to apply blush on. Anyway, we can use these puffs in two ways : if you want a matte, soft makeup do not soak this puff into the water - but if you want glossy, moist look, soak this puff into the water until it expands bigger enough.

- Cute design
- Soft yet dense texture
- Helps to create either matte or dewy makeup look
- Various sizes

- After soaked into the water, it needs more time for it to completely dry.

Rate : 3 out of 5
Price : 
Giant Puff - IDR 28.000 / $2
Baby Meringue Puffs - IDR 38.000 / $3

BHA Blackhead Blaster is an easy and quick triple treatment for blackheads, whiteheads, and dead skin for daily care. It claims that it contains natural ingredients ( Natural BHA ingredient, apricot seed powder, charcoal, and tea tree ) to help gently deep cleanse the pores and removing dead skin cells.

How to use :
Wash the face before applying the product, then apply the stick directly on targeted areas and massage in circular motions for 30 seconds. Rinse with lukewarm water.

I use this stick after washing my face. I apply the stick around nose area which has quite lot of blackheads, massage for a while, then I leave it for few minutes before rinsing with water. As you can see, the result is not that obvious but I feel my nose area feels softer than before. It has no scent at all and the texture of this product is creamy and dense. So far this product works just ok for my face, doesn't leave any redness or irritation but it has no major result to remove blackheads completely. Probably I should use this product more often.

- Travel-friendly
- Soften the skin
- Creamy, dense texture
- Affordable price

- Can't really see the result to remove blackheads

Rate : 3 out of 5
Price : IDR 54.000 / $4

Among all of #AltheaKorea A'Bloom series, I have to admit that their mask pack is my favorite one because it has decent selection and the design is beyond cute! While for the rest, they are just okay because I can't really notice the result. One thing I like the most about this series is that almost all of these products are affordable so if you want to try this collection, you should try them immediately.

Click the link here to shop this collection : ALTHEA A'BLOOM SERIES

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