[REVIEW] Nakeup Face One Night Lipstick

No one can resist decent lipstick, at least for me. As a lipstick junkie, I feel that all I need for this summer is matte lipstick...

No one can resist decent lipstick, at least for me. As a lipstick junkie, I feel that all I need for this summer is matte lipstick that has great staying power so my lips will stay on point during summer break from day to night. Lucky I found this luxury, long lasting lipstick from Korean brand, NAKEUP FACE that really suits my needs. I am pretty sure it's not just me who amazed with the appearance of this lipstick, aren't you ? Well, let's just get to know deeper about this product :)

What it is :
Nakeup Face One Night Lipstick claims that it has velvet-matte, silky finish and suits for both warm and cool skin tone. It contains Esther oil that provides moisturizing effect to give slight glow even in matte condition. The color pigments are distributed directly into three-roll mill process to provide clear, even color tones.

Consists of 3 shades :
01-Heart Attack Red
02-Oh My God Pink
03-Alien Peach

 Wiped with tissue

Combination of Oh My God Pink and Alien Peach

 Torture Test

This is definitely the most luxury lipstick packaging I've ever had so far. From the lipstick tube until the paper box itself, both have shiny rose gold color that makes this lipstick looks so expensive, I am sold. I don't quite like the snake icon on the lipstick body though, but still totally fine with that.  Almost all of the descriptions are written in Korea and it safely sealed. I love the shape of the lipstick tip though, makes it easier to apply on the lips.

Thick, dense texture with super high color pigmentation and pleasant floral scent which I really love.

As you can see from the lip swatches above, this lipstick really has great pigmentation and also hint of fluorescent color with matte-velvet finish, especially for Heart Attack Red and Oh My God Pink. It needs effort to apply this lipstick on the lips because the texture is quite thick so when I don't apply it carefully, it will be ruined everywhere, also if you have dry lips like me, I highly suggest to wear lip balm before applying this product. However, this lipstick really has good staying power though. I tested it by wearing this lipstick ( I combined Oh My God Pink and Alien Peach ) almost all day, I ate and drink oily, sweet stuffs, wiped my lips with tissue, but the color is still there, not completely gone. First two colors ( Heart Attack Red and Oh My God Pink ) suit my warm skin tone and they are more long lasting while Alien Peach looks too pale for my lips, I guess this shade suits better for people who has cool tone skin. 

- Luxury appearance
- Safely sealed packaging
- Decent lipstick tip ( easy to apply )
- High pigmentation color
- Velvet-matte finish
- Long lasting ( can stay more than 5 hours with or without drinking or eating )

- Need to apply lip balm before applying this lipstick ( especially for dry lips people )
- Limited shades ( 2 bold, 1 nude color only )

Since I always into bold lipstick rather than nude, this lipstick suit me very well. I have to say that all the colors can create "Korean makeup look" perfectly so if you want to achieve Korean look, I highly suggest you to try this product immediately. It super long lasting and has great color pigmentation, what are you waiting for? 
Where to find ? 
Simply head to my CHARIS shop here for more affordable price, obviously!

Rate : 4 out of 5
Price : IDR 348.000 ( $24.40 ), special price from my link : IDR 302.000 ( $21.20 )

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  1. Alien Peach is definitely my favourite. These look incredible! I adore the luxe packaging and the bold colours.

  2. All the shades are so pretty and pigmented, love the combo of oh my god pink and alien peach 💕


  3. These are really lovely shades on you dear, especially the Alien Peach.
    Jessica | notjessfashion.com



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