Weekend Gateaway at ALCOLA Boutique Villa Batu

Living in the metropolis surely makes me sick sometimes, especially when I live here for career purpose so that all I have to do eve...

Living in the metropolis surely makes me sick sometimes, especially when I live here for career purpose so that all I have to do everyday is to work. Lucky that one day, my girls and I were invited to experience the new boutique villa in Batu, Jawa Timur named ALCOLA, that is located not far from the two most popular amusement parks in Jawa Timur, Jatim Park 2 and Batu Night Spectacular (BNS). 

We stayed there for one night during the weekend, leaving from Surabaya around 12 pm and arriving there around 2 p.m. Although it's not located in the downtown of Batu, it's pretty easy to find this villa because it can be directed by GPS. When we first got there, we were warmly greeted by the villa staff, Mr. Raenaldi. He showed and explained to us what they provide in the villa, what we can do and enjoy.

Living room 

Welcome drinks and snacks 

Bedroom & bathroom on the first floor 


Bathroom outside the bedroom, near the kitchen 

 Bedroom on the second floor

 Living room on the second floor

Balcony on the second floor

Private pool

This villa provides 3 bedrooms, one located on the first floor ( with AC ) while two located on the second floor ( without AC ). Each room has decent room size, could fit for 7-9 person in total. There are 3 bathrooms, one inside the large bedroom on the first floor, two outside the bedrooms, one located on the first floor, one located on the second floor. On the second floor we can also enjoy the mesmerizing view from the balcony while on the first floor there is private pool with 90cm depth which is perfect for both adults and kids. On the kitchen area, they provide all kitchen utensils plus with fridge and most important is they also have BBQ grill that can be easily used because they have the charcoal and spiritus already. One more thing that everyone sometimes forget but necessary is. free WiFi all around the villa area! WiFi signal is decent enough I think, but actually without WiFi, this area can still be reached by any signal provider though. For the parking area, it can fit up to 2 cars inside the garage which is perfect for family or groups.

Another service that makes this villa different with any other villa is that they can provide us personal photographer to have photo session around villa area. My girls and I did awesome 2 hours photoshoot with photographer named Eric who is very helpful and friendly to us. Well, I think this is a smart marketing idea since both parties would get advantage by doing this - customer will get pretty, instagramable pictures and Alcola will also receive decent pictures for their portfolio, perfect !

Overall, we have the best one night staying at Alcola and of course we plan to go back here again. If you plan to come here to chill and relax with your family or groups, I recommend you to come here not during the rainy season so you can enjoy the outside view more, especially the private pool ! Fyi, if you want to experience Alcola villa, this is your best chance because they're currently hosting a weekly GIVEAWAY during this month. Head to their account that I listed below to find out more details of the event.

Thank you ALCOLA for having us and the great hospitality :) 

Address : 
Kompleks Panderman Hill, Jalan Gandaria Kav C320, Batu, Malang 65316

Price : around IDR 2.5 mill / $178 ( for weekdays ) and 3 mill / $213 ( for weeekend ) 
Check-in time : 2 p.m
Check-out time : 12 p.m

Direction maps : https://goo.gl/Q6EHFe

ALCOLA's official Instagram : @alcola.id

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  1. All of you look stunning! It must have really been a great trip! ◡‿◡✿

    Blog de la Licorne

  2. What a perfect staycation destination!


  3. the villa is looking good and I love the view and private pool. and you always look pretty chel :)



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