A Guide To Correct Wedding Invitation Wording

If you are tasked with organizing a wedding (which might be your own) there is much to do. One of the first things to do is make a gue...

If you are tasked with organizing a wedding (which might be your own) there is much to do. One of the first things to do is make a guest list, which will form the basis for the wedding reception needs, and once you have a list of people you want to invite, here are some tips on correctly wording the official invitation.

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Who Is Hosting The Wedding? 
This information would be the very first line of the invitation, which might be the bride’s parents, or perhaps the parents of both bride and groom. It is considered polite to include both sets of parents when composing the invitation, and should be something like, “Mr. and Mrs. Stevenson request the pleasure of your company at the wedding of their son/daughter....”

Choosing The Stationary
The stationary is an essential component to any wedding invitation, so choose something that best reflects your chosen theme. If you would like to view some great examples of wedding invitation stationary, an online search will bring up a long list of styles and designs, and once you have selected one, you can think about the wording. There are a few samples of wedding invitations online to give you some inspiration.

The Actual Request
This line is actually inviting the recipient to attend the said wedding, which might include the words, “would like the pleasure of your company...”, or “invite you to celebrate this occasion with them...”

The Names Of The Bride And Groom 
After the request line, should come the names of the bride and groom, and it is traditional to put the bride’s name first. Both would include middle names, if either happen to have these, and this line would be directly under the request line.

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The Date And Time 
In formal wedding invitations, no numerals are used, rather the invitation would read “Nine O'clock” or “Half after the hour of nine o'clock”, yet if the wedding is informal, number can be used. If you have yet to acquire the diamond engagement ring, there are stunning engagement rings Wellington shops are selling, with many having an online presence, which allows you to view prior to actually going to the store.

The Location
The venue name would be followed by the postal address, with city and state names written in full. This is necessary to ensure that your guests can locate the venue without too much trouble.

Reception Information 
On a formal invitation, this might be on a separate card, and in many cases, the wording demands this, otherwise it will not fit onto the page. If the wedding reception is held at a different venue to the wedding, this should be written on a new line, as it is much easier to understand.

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Dress Code
Tradition dictates that the dress code should be written on the lower right-hand corner of the invitation. If the wedding is a formal black-tie occasion, then this should be stated on the invitation, while a less casual dress code would also be included on the invitation. The important thing to remember is that the guest should know the dress code for obvious reasons.

If you are having the invitations printed, then make sure that all of the above are covered, whereas, if you have a professional event organizer, they would consult you regarding the wedding invitation. With the right stationary and design, your wedding invitation will reflect the tone of the occasion and you can look forward to a wedding that will be remembered for all the right reasons.

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