What Are The Rarest Diamonds In The World ?

Diamonds are one of the hardest substances known to man, and are formed over millions of years of constant pressure deep underground....

Diamonds are one of the hardest substances known to man, and are formed over millions of years of constant pressure deep underground. Aside from the aesthetic value, diamonds are used in industry as cutters, due to their incredible hardness, and a perfect, or colourless diamond is very rare indeed. Any colour (with the exception of green) in a diamond is due to an impurity, which causes a reaction that changes the way light passes through the stone.

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Coloured Diamonds
There are many colours found in diamonds - yellow, pink, red, blue and green are main colours, while orange, steel grey and purple are also present in diamonds. Almost all diamonds are coloured to a degree, while a colourless diamond is in fact 100% pure, and very rare, and of all the colours, red diamonds are the rarest of all. A vivid or fancy red diamond is the most highly prized of all coloured diamonds and they very rarely come onto the market. Buying from Diamond Brokers Queensland ensures that the stones are genuine and come with GIA certification, plus they have a huge range of coloured diamonds to suit every budget.

Green Diamonds
These stand apart from any other colour, because the green tint is not caused by a chemical impurity, rather by a process called irradiation, where the diamond is exposed to radioactive material over millions of years. Despite the radiation, green diamonds are harmless, as the radioactivity occurred millions of years ago and it is believed that this causes the light to refract differently, causing the green colour.

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Blue Diamonds
Behind red, blue is the second rarest colour of diamonds, closely followed by pink. Both of which are highly valued, especially with intense colour. When looking for engagement rings, you ideally want pieces that will last the lifespan of the relationship, which is why diamonds are so popular for engagement and wedding rings.

Colour Grading
Fancy coloured diamonds are among the rarest in the world, with approximately less than 0.1% of all mined diamonds being in the “fancy” category, which might include reds, yellows, blues, and greens. Fancy, or vivid is the most intense of colours and any stone that is graded as fancy or vivid will be very expensive, regardless of the colour.

Customising An Engagement Ring
For many couples, having a truly unique engagement ring is the order of the day, and by sourcing an established diamond broker, you can select the stones and the ring design, while the jeweller will create the ring for you. Having a diamond engagement ring made is not as costly as you might think, which is why many people choose to have the ring custom made, to symbolise their unique bond.

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If you would like to browse an extensive selection of quality diamonds, all it takes is an online search to locate a reputable online diamond merchant, who can help you to select the perfect stones which will make up your unique diamond engagement ring.

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