[REVIEW] Laneige Wild at Heart Eye & Face Palette (Holiday Collection)

Since the very first time I saw this eye and face palette from Laneige approximately a month ago, I just couldn't help but craving...

Since the very first time I saw this eye and face palette from Laneige approximately a month ago, I just couldn't help but craving for it. I know that Laneige is mostly known for their skincare, but this time with their limited edition palette, I just can't deny that I am in love for the first time with the colors, packaging, everything! Lucky, I found this palette at Althea Korea as soon as this palette was released worldwide, so I can try it immediately and share my thought about this product to all of you, thanks Althea !

What it is :
Eye & face multi-palette that contains highlighter and pink-colored blusher in shadow and aura tone that can express various looks from daily look to glam looks with various colors ranging from brown colors to burgundy pink colors.

How to use :
A. Eyeshadow 
1. Brighten the entire eyelid area as the base color. 
2. Apply the define color on the area nearest to the eyeline below the double eyelid line to produce a deep-set-eyes look.
3. With the styling shadow containing glitter pearls, naturally blend up to the upper area of the double eyelid line to complete the makeup.

B. Blusher
1. Apply the contents of the makeup with gentle sweeping movements using brush.
2. Apply on the “apple zone” or on the cheekbones, in a lateral movement starting from the bottom, to complete the makeup, achieving a natural reddish tone.

C. Highlighter
Gives definition to face by touching on flat or sunken areas such as nosebridge and cheekbones or provides soft glow eye makeup look with aurora pearl tone by tapping over the base shadow.

Althea's Christmas Edition Box 

Inside my Althea's Box : Laneige Moisture Mist, Wild at Heart Palette, Althea Concealers

Result using burgundy tone plus highlighter and blusher

Super adorable glossy-mirrored-acrylic that is sturdy but very light and travel-friendly. Comes with paper box, this palette reminds me of chocolate box packaging anyway. It doesn't have any seal so don't forget to check before you buy (offline especially).

Eyeshadows has warm tone color range with delicate texture, quite pigmented with shimmer finish. While blusher and highlighter have cool tone colors with duo chrome finish.

Before I bought this palette, I read some reviews from other bloggers and most of them said that this palette has amazing colors with great result. I am not denying that I do really love the colors of the eyeshadows. Almost all of the colors has great pigmentation, doesn't fall our easily, especially no. 3 and 6. Pardon me for swatching them wrongly not as the direction, but they actually meant to be created for 2 looks - top is for burgundy look while the bottom one is for usual warm-brown look. As you can see from the picture above, I applied burgundy colors on my lids, together with highlighter and blusher. I like the result of the eyeshadows and highlighter but I am against the blusher. Since it has cool-pink color with duo chrome finish, it's just makes my cheeks look weird somehow. It may not clearly seen on my portrait photo but you can notice it from the color swatch above, it's just not a usual pink that we all might love.

- Trendy packaging design
- Good pigmentation
- Great color selection of eyeshadows
- Doesn't fall-off easily
- Travel-friendly
- Suitable for both daily or occasional look

-  Unusual pink blusher that has duo-chrome effect

Overall, I love this palette so much and keep using it during holiday season, especially the burgundy shades since the colors are unique and the pigmentation is also decent. Don't you think it also suits well for my red dress ?

So, if you're looking for a palette that suits for both daily or occasional look, I do really recommend this Laneige palette, but you better hurry because this palette is limited. Well, of course I suggest you to buy at Althea since they still have this palette in stock and fast at delivery as well :)

Rate : 4.5 out of 5
Price : IDR 509.000 ( $34 ) at Althea

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  1. This is so inspiring! I love the post:)
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  2. Love the whole box! And especially those packagings!◝(ᵔᵕᵔ)

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  3. That palette looks so beautiful! And so do you! The look you created is stunning.

  4. the palette looks amazing ! totally love the colors
    style frontier

  5. I had no idea they branched out to make up too. I've never really tried anything from Laniege before, but I think a friend has been using their skincare for some time now.




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